13.11 Enrollment Options

IMPORTANT:The Enrollment Options Policy is not available in Advanced Authentication as a Service (SaaS) version.

Using the Enrollment Options policy, you can configure the Self-Service portal.

The following conditions summarize the use of Enrollment options:

  • Set Enabled New Enrollment UI to ON to enable the new user interface in the Self-Service portal. For more information about the new User Interface, see Managing Authenticators New UI.

  • Set Hide chains to ON to hide the chains in the new Self-Service portal.

  • Set Hide methods to ON to hide the methods in the new Self-Service portal.

NOTE:You must enable the New Enrollment UI to hide chains or methods. Also, you cannot set the Hide chains and Hide methods options to ON at the same time.

NOTE:You must use the hostname or DNS name to access the new Self-Service portal. It is not possible to access the portal using the IP address.