9.10 Emergency Password

The Emergency Password method facilitates the use of a temporary password for users if they lose a smartcard or forget their smartphone. Only a helpdesk administrator can enroll the Emergency Password method for users.

WARNING:An administrator can misuse this method by trying to access other user’s account. Full administrator must be vigilant to select the right helpdesk administrators.

To configure the Emergency Password method, specify the following details:



Minimum password length

The length of the password must be at least five characters long.

Password age (minutes)

The validity period of a password. The default value is 4320 minutes.

Maximum logins

The maximum number of login attempts that a user can perform before the password gets expired. The default value is 10.

Complexity requirements

Set to ON to enforce users creating a complex password. Password must meet the following requirements:

  • Contains at least one uppercase character

  • Contains at least one lowercase character

  • Contains at least one digit

  • Contains at least one special character

Allow change options during enrollment

When set to ON, this option allows a helpdesk administrator to set Start date, End date, and Maximum logons manually in the Helpdesk portal. This manual configuration overrides the settings in the Emergency Password method.