13.8 Database Options

This policy allows you to customize the configuration of all the database servers (PostgreSQL) in the cluster. You can modify the parameters, such as maximum connections, cache limit, shared buffers size, WAL (Write Ahead Logging) disk use, number of workers for parallel queries and so on by configuring this policy.

NOTE:You cannot apply this policy for Advanced Authentication as a Service (SaaS).

The parameters as well as the values that you specify in Optional Database parameters are validated. If the defined parameter is invalid, an error message with the reason appears. The parameters are replicated to all the database servers in the cluster when you save this policy. Also, applying the changes reboots the database servers in the cluster and changes reflects after 2 minutes.

NOTE:Each Advanced Authentication server spawns from 2.5 up to 10 DB connections per CPU core based on the user activity. The number of DB connections increase when the workload (authentication requests) is high.

For more information on the different parameters, see Setting Parameters.

To get right estimation and generate the configurable parameters, see PGTune.

NOTE:Ensure to set the DB version to 10 to generate only the supported parameters.