8.4 Adding an External Repository

IMPORTANT:The External Repository is not available in Advanced Authentication as a Service (SaaS) version

You can add an external repository that will act as a Repo Agent. This agent will act as an intermediate between the LDAP repository and Advanced Authentication. This agent will take care of all the synchronizations of the repositories even when the Advanced Authentication is hosted on cloud.

To add a Repo Agent, perform the following steps:

  1. Click Repositories > New External repo.

  2. Specify the following details of the external repository:

    • Name: Name of the repository.

      NOTE:Name of the repository must be the same as what is defined in the Repo Agent. The name of the repository must not contain spaces.

    • Username: Name of the user using the repository.

    • Password: Password of the repository.

      NOTE:The Username and Password are defined in the secret.json file of the Repo Agent. For information about the secret.json file, see Setting Up the Config Folder of Repo Agent.

  3. Add external server configurations:

    1. Click Add Server.

    2. Specify the IP address of the Repo Agent in Address.

    3. Specify the port number of the server in Port. For example, 9443.

    4. Click the save icon next to the server credentials.

  4. Click Choose File to upload the CA certificate for the agent.

    For more information about uploading the CA certificates, see Setting Up the Repo Agent for Certificates and Services in the Advanced Authentication - Repo Agent guide.

  5. Click Save.