Advanced Authentication - Mac OS X Client

This guide has been designed for users and describes the system requirements and the installation procedure for the Advanced Authentication Mac OS Client. Mac OS Client enables you to log in to Mac system in a more secure way by using the authentication chains configured in Advanced Authentication.

Intended Audience

This book provides information for individuals responsible for understanding administration concepts and implementing a secure, distributed administration model.

About Mac OS X Client

Mac OS X Client replaces standard way of log on to Apple Mac OS X by a more secure using the authentication chains configured in Advanced Authentication.

NOTE:Mac OS X Client supports offline logon (when the Advanced Authentication Server is not available) for non-local accounts for authentication chains that contain the following methods: Bluetooth, LDAP Password, Password, HOTP, TOTP, Smartphone (offline mode), Card, FIDO U2F, and PKI.

In cases with fast user switching (FUS), the multi-factor authentication window for Client is displayed.

IMPORTANT:When a domain user (user1) is bound to a local user (local1) and if the domain user user1 logs in and switches to the local user local1 using FUS, the local1 user’s credentials are prompted instead of the domain user’s credentials.