2.0 Offline Support for Mac OS X Client

You can log in to the Advanced Authentication Mac OS X Client in the offline mode (when the Advanced Authentication server is not available) for non-local accounts of the authentication chains. The authentication methods that support the offline mode are:

  • Bluetooth

  • Emergency Password

  • LDAP Password

  • Password

  • PKI

  • HOTP and TOTP

  • Smartphone (offline mode)

  • Card

  • FIDO U2F

NOTE:For fast user switching (FUS), the built-in authentication form of Mac OS is displayed.

IMPORTANT:When a domain user (user1) is bound to a local user (local1) and if the domain user user1 logs in and switches to the local user local1 using FUS, the local1 user’s credentials are prompted instead of the domain user’s credentials.