4.2 Upgrading Advanced Authentication on Public Cloud Using Kubernetes

This section contains details about how to upgrade Advanced Authentication on public cloud - Amazon Web Services and Azure using Kubernetes. You can upgrade Advanced Authentication containers into Kubernetes clusters by using the Helm charts.

  1. Download the aaf-<version>-helm-chart.zip file from NetIQ Downloads.

  2. Unpack the zip file. You can view the aaf-<version>.tgz tar file.

  3. Run the following command to unpack the tar file:

    tar zxvf aaf-<version>.tgz

  4. Run the following command to upgrade the helm chart:

    helm upgrade <name_of_kubernetes_namespace>  --namespace <helm_chart_release_name>  <path_of_helm_chart>

    For example, helm upgrade aaf-test1 --namespace aaf-test --set lb.enabled=true ./aaf_63sp3/

NOTE:After upgrade, perform the following to monitor events, logs, and persistent volume claims of your namespace:

  • Run the following command to view latest events:

    kubectl get events --namespace <name_of_kubernetes_namespace>

  • Run the following command to get the logs of Advanced Authentication containers:

    kubectl logs $(kubectl get pods --no-headers -o custom-columns=":metadata.name" --namespace <name_of_kubernetes_namespace>) -c aucore --namespace <name_of_kubernetes_namespace>

  • Run the following command to check persistent volume claims:

    kubectl get pvc --namespace <name_of_kubernetes_namespace>