3.7 Facial Recognition

The Facial Recognition method enables you to get automatically authenticated by presenting your face. You need to register your facial image using the web camera. When you try to authenticate on an application, the recorded image is compared with the actual image. If the images match, you are successfully authenticated.

The Facial Recognition method works with both integrated and external web cameras.

3.7.1 Enrolling the Face Authenticator

  1. Click the Face icon in Add Authenticator.

  2. Click Save to start enrolling the face.

    A message Face Detecting is displayed.

  3. Your face will be captured by the camera and enrolled.

    A message Authenticator "Facial Recognition" has been added is displayed.


  • Facial recognition authentication method works with or without the Device Service installed. If the Device Service is not installed, then the browser support is used for capturing the face.

  • To use the Facial recognition method for OAuth 2.0 and SAML 2.0 integrations, you must have the Advanced Authentication Device Service installed.

3.7.2 Testing the Face Authenticator

  1. Click the Face icon in Enrolled Authenticators.

  2. Click Test.

  3. Present your face in front of the camera.

    If your face matches with the enrolled face, the facial authentication is successful and a message Authenticator "Facial Recognition" passed the test is displayed.

The following table describes the possible error messages along with the workaround for the Face authentication.

Table 3-2 Facial Recognition authenticator- error messages


Possible Cause and Workaround

Capture Device cannot be opened

The camera is not connected properly. Check your camera settings and try again.


The enrolled face and presented face does not match. You must present your face again for the authentication.


The session has timed out. You must present your face again for the authentication.