6.8 Issue With the Login When an Endpoint Exists on the Server

Issue: While logging in to Windows Client, an error Cannot add or change the endpoint (same name or software_name already exist?) is displayed on the workstation.


  1. Windows Client is installed on the machine. After the first reboot an endpoint is created. You can find the local data in the path: %ProgramData%\NetIQ\Windows Client\config.properties. It is possible that the config.properties file is deleted or overwritten, but the endpoint is still available on the Advanced Authentication server.

    Workaround: You must remove the endpoint from the Advanced Authentication server (Administrative portal > Endpoints section).

  2. Multiple machines are rolling out from a single gold image. They have the same machine SID. The endpoint is generated based on the SID.

    Workaround: The SID must be unique to ensure the Windows Client works on multiple workstations.