3.0 Configuring Global Master Server

After installing Advanced Authentication server, you must configure the mode on which the appliance runs. The first server is the Global Master/ Server Registrar. This is the server with master database. DB Master, DB servers, and Web servers are connected to the master database.

To configure the first server, perform the following steps:

  1. Ensure that you install the Advanced Authentication server.

  2. Open the Advanced Authentication Configuration Wizard for the server: https://<server_host_name> (the URL is displayed after you install Advanced Authentication server).

  3. Select New Cluster and click Next on the first Server Mode screen of the Configuration Wizard.

  4. Specify the server DNS hostname in My DNS hostname and click Next on the DNS hostname screen.

    NOTE:You must specify a DNS hostname instead of an IP address because appliance does not support the changing of IP address.

  5. Specify a password for the LOCAL\admin account and confirm it and click Next on the Password screen.

  6. Click Create to generate an encryption key file on the Create encryption key screen.

    NOTE:FIPS 140-2 is enabled by default to comply with the FIPS 140-2 encryption.

  7. Click Next.