3.2 Configuring Remote Desktop Client

  1. On a client machine, run mstsc.

  2. Click Show Options and select Advanced.

  3. Click Settings and select Use these RD Gateway server settings.

    1. Enter the address of RD Gateway in Server name. For example: rdg.test.com.

    2. Deselect Bypass RD Gateway server for local addresses.

      NOTE:If you select this option, Remote Desktop Gateway is not used when you try to connect from the same subnet.

  4. Go to the General tab and specify the address of remote RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) server.

  5. Click Connect.

  6. Specify the domain credentials (for example, test\administrator as username) for Remote Desktop Gateway in RD Gateway Server Credentials.

    A connection is initiated to Remote Desktop through the enrolled authentication method. To configure the methods in Advanced Authentication appliance, see Configuring Advanced Authentication Appliance.

  7. After you authenticate with the enrolled authentication method, mstsc prompts to specify credentials for the remote RDP server. Ensure that a connection has been established between the Remote Desktop Gateway and Remote Desktop server.