7.3 CSV File Format to Import the OATH Compliant Tokens

A CSV file, which is imported as an OATH csv file in the Administration portal > > Methods > OATH OTP > OATH Tokens tab, must contain fields with the following parameters:

  • Token’s serial number

  • Token’s seed

  • (Optional) Type of the token: TOTP or HOTP (by default HOTP)

  • (Optional) OTP length (default value is 6 digits)

  • (Optional) Time stamp (default value is 30 seconds)

Comma is a delimiter.

The following is an example of a CSV file:

Token001, 15d2fa517d3c6b791bd4cc2044c241429307001f
Token002, 8c557fc050721037fd31e1d3345b5d3263263e0f, totp, 8
Token003, 658208efea5ac49d5331ba781e66f2c808cccc8e, hotp, 6
Token004, 89f0dfe1c90379da6a11aaca2fc1070f606efe36, totp, 6, 60

IMPORTANT:For the YubiKey tokens, you must use the traditional format of the CSV (check YubiKey Personalization Tool > Settings tab > Logging Settings) with comma as a delimiter. Ensure to use the Yubico CSV file type. This must be set in the Administration portal (Advanced Authentication Administration portal > Methods > OATH OTP > OATH Tokens).