1.2 Email OTP

The Email OTP authentication method sends an email to your email address with a one-time password (OTP). You can use this OTP to authenticate withing a certain time frame.

This authenticator enrolls automatically and it's not possible to remove it.

To test the enrolled authenticator follow the steps below:

  1. Click the Email OTP icon in the Enrolled methods section.

  2. Ensure that your email address (specified after the text The email address your One-Time Password is sent to is:) is valid. Contact your system administrator to change the email address if it's invalid.

  3. Click Test button. In few seconds you will see a message OTP password sent, please enter.

  4. Check your email. You should get an email message with one-time password.

  5. Enter the OTP to the Password field.

  6. Click Next. You will see a message Authenticator "Email OTP" passed the test. If the provided authenticator is invalid you will see a message Wrong answer, try again.