3.1 Installing and Uninstalling Linux PAM Client on CentOS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Client, and Server 7.2

To install Linux PAM Client on CentOS, RHEL Client, and Server 7.2, perform the following steps:

  1. Run the following command:

    sudo yum install -y ./naaf-linuxpamclient-centos-release-<version>.rpm.

  2. Run the following configuration script:

    sudo chmod +x /opt/pam_aucore/bin/bind-to-ad.sh.

    sudo /opt/pam_aucore/bin/bind-to-ad.sh MYCOMPANY mycompany.com Administrator

    where MYCOMPANY is your domain name and mycompany.com is your FQDN. Administrator is a domain account that contains permissions to integrate the machines to the domain.

  3. If your Linux workstation is bound to a domain, ensure that you complete the configuration:

    su username

    where, username is the user name of any user account from a domain.

To uninstall Linux PAM Client on CentOS, perform the following steps:run the following commands:

  1. Run the following command:

    cd /opt/pam_aucore/bin/sudo ./uninstall

  2. Open Advanced Authentication - Administrative Portal. Switch to Endpoints section. Find and remove endpoint for the Linux PAM Client instance.