5.0 Configuring Advanced Authentication Server

  1. Open the Advanced Authentication Administrative Portal.

  2. Open the properties of ADFS event in the Events section.

  3. Specify chains that can be used for the ADFS Event.

  4. Click ADFS Partners.

  5. Enter a Description for ADFS partner.

  6. In Partner ID, paste the copied GUID from Service GUID (read only) (step 10 of Configuring the ADFS Plug-in).

  7. In Public key (PEM), paste the copied public key from Public key for V5 server (step 14 of Configuring the ADFS Plug-in).

  8. Click OK.

  9. Click Back on the ADFS partners page.

  10. Click Save on the ADFS event page.

NOTE:You must add only one ADFS partner for an ADFS farm.