2.4 Deploying the Appliance

Access Gateway for Cloud is an OVF virtual appliance. For more information about virtual appliances, see What is OVF?.

You must deploy the appliance to your VMware server.

  1. If you are using Windows, extract the VMware image.


    If you are using Linux, use the following command to extract the image:

    tar -zxvf vmware_image.tar.gz
  2. Deploy the Access Gateway for Cloud virtual appliance.

    For more information, see Deploy Virtual Appliances.

  3. If you do not have a DHCP server in your environment, skip to Section 2.5, Configuring the Appliance without a DHCP Server.


    Power on the appliance, then proceed to Section 2.6, Initializing the Appliance.

The initial boot configures Access Gateway for Cloud. The initial boot could take between five and ten minutes for the configuration to complete. When the appliance is ready, it displays a welcome message with the initialization URL https://ip_address/appliance/Init.html.

You can deploy the OVF file or convert the OVF file to a VMX file. If you use the VMX file, disable the default option of Synchronize guest time with host option for the image. Right-click the appliance in the VMware client, then deselect Edit Settings > Options > VMware Tools > Synchronize guest time with host.