2.10.5 Specifying a Target

You can specify a target for new and legacy user portal pages. You must specify a target for the following conditions:

  • You want to direct the users to a specific URL after the users log in to Identity Server.

  • You do not want users to have access to the user portal page.

Use one of the following methods to specify the target:

  • Specify a Target in the URL: You can have your users access Identity Server with a URL that contains the desired target. For example: https://domain.com:8443/nidp/app?target=http://www.acme.com

    where domain.com is the DNS name of your Identity Server. In this example, the users would see the Acme website after logging in.

  • Specify a Hidden Target on your Form: If you have your own login form to collect credentials and are posting these credentials to Identity Server, you can add a hidden target to your login form. When authentication succeeds, Access Manager directs the user to this target URL. This entry on your form should look similar to the following:

    <input type="hidden" target="http://www.acme.com">

    These methods work only when the user’s request is for the user portal (/nidp/portal or /nidp/app). If the user’s request is a redirected authentication request for a protected resource, the protected resource is the target and cannot be changed.