NetIQ Access Manager 4.5 SDK Guide

  NetIQ Access Manager 4.5 SDK Guide
    Getting Started
      Development Overview
      Selecting an Integrated Development Environment
    Identity Server Authentication API
      Understanding the Authentication Class
      Creating an Authentication Class
      Authentication Class Example
      Localizing the Prompts in Your Authentication Class
      Deploying Your Authentication Class
    LDAP Server Plug-In
      Creating the LDAP Plug-In
      eDirectory Plug-In
      Installing and Configuring the LDAP Plug-In
    The Policy Extension API
      Getting Started
      Common Elements and Tasks
      Creating an Extension
      Installing and Configuring an Extension
      Sample Codes
    Custom Rule in Risk-Based Authentication
      Understanding the Rule Class
      Creating a Custom Rule Class
      Understanding the Custom Rule Class Example
      Deploying Your Custom Rule Class
      Understanding Custom Attributes in History SQL Database
      Custom Geolocation Data Provider Integration
    Legal Notice