33.0 Access Manager Audit Events and Data

This section contains all the audit events logged by Access Manager Appliance. Each event contains the following details:

  • EventID

  • Description

  • Originator Title

  • Target Title

  • Subtarget Title

  • Text1 Title

  • Text2 Title

  • Text3 Title

  • Value1 Title

  • Value1 Type

  • Group Title

  • Data Length

  • Data Type values stored.

    Each field contains a single character token (such as B, U, Y, and so on) that represent the data fields of the audit event, with each letter representing a different data field. The mapping of the character tokens to data fields is found in the nids_en.lsc file.

Audit events are device-specific. You can select events for the following devices:

  • Administration Console: In Administration Console Dashboard, click Auditing.

  • Identity Server: Click Devices > Identity Servers > Edit > Auditing and > Logging.

  • Access Gateway: Click Devices > Access Gateways > Edit > Auditing.