II Upgrading Access Manager

This section discusses how to upgrade Access Manager to the newer version. You must take a backup of the existing configurations before upgradingAccess Manager components.

For more information, see Back Up and Restore in the NetIQ Access Manager 4.3 Administration Guide.

IMPORTANT:After upgrading to Access Manager 4.3, you must clear the browser cache to view the upgraded Administration Console. For more information, see TID 7018166.

If you are upgrading to 4.3 Service Pack 1, then you do not require to clear the browser cache.


  • By default, Access Manager 4.3 configuration uses stronger TLS protocols, ciphers, and other security settings. After upgrading if you want to revert these settings, see Restoring Previous Security Level After Upgrading Access Manager in the NetIQ Access Manager 4.3 Security Guide .

  • Platform Agent and Novell Audit are not supported from Access Manager 4.2 onwards. If you upgrade from an older version of Access Manager to latest version, Platform Agent is still available. It is recommended to use Syslog for auditing.

This part describes how to upgrade Access Manager components and include the following chapters: