Custom Driver Development

Connecting your data, systems and applications to Identity Manager is easy with help from our consulting services.

Customized Identity Manager connections

Identity Manager is a key component of many of the world's largest identity and security deployments. It enables universal data integration across technical and organizational boundaries and links applications, data stores and network platforms based on your unique business policies.

While Identity Manager is a powerful tool, you need to connect different data stores, systems and applications to your main identity directory to utilize it's full power. However, since each business has different requirements, some of these vital connections might not be covered in the out-of-the-box Identity Manager setup.

Customized driver development

If you need Identity Manager drivers or connectors to make Identity Manager work for you, our consulting and its partners have enhanced or created hundreds of custom Identity Management drivers for customers world-wide.

To ensure that Identity Manager is able to meet the unique needs of your organization and that you enjoy a seamless integration, our consulting can:

  • Provide fast and reliable customization of existing drivers
  • Build new drivers, for any system, with any configuration

Engagement details

Guaranteed, fast and reliable

Each of our custom drivers is engineered using a proven process that has delivered success over the past decade and that keeps you involved at every step along the way.

Requirements analysis. In careful consultation with you, we conduct a needs analysis that defines the technical and business requirements of the solution.

Detailed roadmap. We provide detailed documentation of the proposed implementation. We thoroughly review the roadmap with you to ensure that we deliver exactly what you need.

Off-site development. In most instances, our team can develop your solution off-site, which keeps your costs down.

With more than 10 years of experience, our consulting can create custom drivers that allow Identity Manager to interface with your vital business applications, including CRM and e-mail systems, human resources applications or data repositories—no matter which operating systems you are running. Even if you have a system that has never been connected to Identity Manager, Our consulting can write the code for the driver from the ground up.

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Custom Driver Development provides:

  • Requirements analysis to determine exact needs
  • Detailed implementation road map
  • Off-site development whenever possible to lower costs
  • Weekly deliverables and updates
  • 120 day warranty on your custom driver

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