Consulting Custom Developer

The customized challenge

As your business needs evolve, you need to create and update policies, custom drivers, scripts and other custom code. Often, these projects are critical to realizing the maximum benefit of your solution, but too small to require a full-scale consulting development engagement.

A perfect, cost-effective solution is to engage a Consulting Custom Developer to help you get your solutions updated and evolved in an efficient way.

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Engagement details

Having access to a Consulting Custom Developer is a cost-effective answer to your customized development needs. This developer acts as an extension of your IT staff and can tackle the following small-scale custom development needs:

  • Upgrading custom drivers
  • Implementing test strategies
  • Providing ongoing code maintenance (e.g., policy and work-flow adjustments)

Your Consulting Custom Developer understands your environment, is your direct point of contact and can quickly be leveraged to address your custom coding needs. Your developer is staffed in a services center and is available to assist you during normal business hours (U.S. Mountain Time).

Your Consulting Custom Developer will work closely with your Service Account Manager and an assigned project manager to ensure your needs are being met and your resources are best utilized. If you do not already have a Service Account Manager through your existing service agreement, one will be assigned to you. The Service Account Manager will assist you with support incidents relating to the same product the Custom Consulting Developer is engaged to work on.

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