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Having automated, audit-ready access governance and control is easy with help from our consulting team.

An automated solution for Access Governance

No matter how often your users and their roles change, you can have extended and automated access governance based on business policies. We help you automate manual processes and validation procedures for users, bridging the gap between managing user access and ensuring compliance. Access Governance Suite gives you the access control you need by automating access review processes and consistently enforcing policies across the enterprise. Engaging Consulting and our partners is the quickest way to reduce your risk and realize the benefits of complete automated access control and governance.

Access Governance Suite—consulting overview

Many organizations struggle with the challenge of governing access to information resources. It's common to use unreliable manual processes and spreadsheets to manage roles and resources. Consulting and our partners can help you automate your access governance processes, thereby reducing risk and complexity while simplifying compliance.

Engagement details

Our consulting and our partners can help you:

Automate roles and entitlements—Automatically monitoring, reporting, certifying and remediating user entitlements is essential to reducing the risk of unauthorized access across an organization. Our consultants tackle your most difficult compliance challenges using Access Governance Suite.

Provide enterprise-wide visibility—Access Governance Suite provides an important benefit: enterprise-wide visibility into all user access privileges. Our experts can address both business and technical challenges, and deliver true insight and analysis of entitlements and roles.

Integrate with your user provisioning infrastructure—In order to automate access governance and control, our consulting and our partners assist with integrating your user provisioning infrastructure with Access Governance Suite. This gives you the ability to track all entitlement changes across your enterprise, making your IT work as one.

Simplify roles management—Our experts have in-depth experience with roles, at every stage of the lifecycle. Having expert guidance with this complex topic is a critical factor for success.

Mitigate your risk

You will see rapid results when using consulting services to help with your access governance challenges. By engaging a qualified team with the expertise and skills needed to complete an on-time and on-budget implementation, you can quickly enjoy the benefits of Access Governance Suite. Specifically, this solution helps you rapidly comply with ever-changing compliance requirements and mitigates the risk of unauthorized access.

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Arriving at Automated Access Governance (PDF)


Getting help with Access Governance Suite, you can:

  • Reduce risks by having experts deploy a system to deliver audit-ready access control
  • Have qualified consultants replace error-prone manual processes with automated access governance
  • Ensure industry best-practices are followed

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