August 11, 2015

NetIQ Balances Convenience and Secure Data Access with Privileged Account Manager 3.0

Centralized Privileged Access Controls to Identify and Defend Against the Threat of Breaches

Press Release

Houston, Texas

NetIQ, the security portfolio of Micro Focus (LON: MCRO), announced today the general availability of NetIQ Privileged Account Manager 3.0, an identity-powered security solution that helps organizations manage, monitor and control privileged access to databases, applications and the cloud.

Privileged accounts, which have elevated access to an organization's most critical data, are frequently shared by both internal IT and remote third parties, such as contractors and vendors. For this reason, privileged accounts are top targets for hackers and malicious insiders alike.

"Many of today's threats can be attributed to the lack of visibility into what privileged business users are doing with their access to sensitive information," said Renee Bradshaw, senior security strategist for NetIQ. "With Privileged Account Manager 3.0, IT administrators can control and monitor the access rights of the identities associated with users or things to gain greater visibility into the threat landscape - and more importantly, take preemptive action."

NetIQ Privileged Account Manager allows IT administrators to work on systems without exposing administrator or supervisor passwords, or root-account credentials, by managing controls and recording privileged account activities.

Key features of Privileged Account Manager 3.0 include:

  • Enterprise Password Vault for Privileged Accounts: Provides secure storage of customer passwords and helps in extending Privileged Account Management (PAM) support to any credential-based system, including Databases, SAP and Cloud Services.

  • Risk-based Session Control: Immediately identifies potential threats and prioritizes response. Flags unauthorized activity and automatically terminates the session or revokes access.

  • Database Privileged Account Monitoring: Provides real-time monitoring of privileged activities performed by users, tools and applications for critical databases.

Availability and Pricing
Privileged Account Manager 3.0 is available today and starts at $787 USD for a per-instance license. For more information, visit

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NetIQ is the security portfolio of Micro Focus (LSE: MCRO.L). Our Identity-powered Security solutions help organizations secure access to sensitive information and reduce the complexity of demonstrating regulatory compliance. For more information, visit

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