January 24, 2012

NetIQ Cloud Management Differentiates IT Service Delivery

NetIQ Cloud Manager 2.0 Improves Infrastructure-as-a-Service Experience for Seamless, Automated, On-demand IT Service Delivery

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As service providers look to create differentiated service offerings, they turn to technologies that can help optimize existing IT investments and virtualization deployments, as well as meet the IT service requirements of business users. With that in mind, NetIQ today announced NetIQ Cloud Manager 2.0, a solution that enables service providers to respond to the consumerization of IT by aligning IT assets to business priorities. With NetIQ Cloud Manager 2.0, organizations can now collaboratively manage the entire Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) experience – from business service requests to deployment to retirement – faster and more efficiently.

"To provide business services to corporate entities throughout Africa, we need the ability to deliver workloads on-demand across the data center and both private and public clouds so that we can quickly meet the operational requirements of our customers," said Richard Vester, executive head of hosted services at Vodacom Business Services. "NetIQ Cloud Manager 2.0 gives us the business platform and the streamlined user experience we need to support a scalable, managed and controlled cloud that enables businesses to use the cloud infrastructure of their choice – public, private, or hybrid, on multiple hypervisor platforms. While this delivers significant cost savings to our customers, it is also a critical differentiator for the services we deliver."

"Today's business users expect seamless, automated, on-demand delivery of IT services across all devices, and IT needs to be in a position to quickly accommodate these demands without breaking existing delivery models or their teams," said Tom Cecere, director, Product Management, Cloud Solutions at NetIQ. "By managing the IaaS experience while granularly controlling resource allocation, NetIQ Cloud Manager 2.0 helps service providers efficiently manage the ebb and flow of service demands and improve their ability to successfully meet the needs of their users."

NetIQ Cloud Manager 2.0 offers customers the ability to address both the needs of IT departments and business users. Key capabilities include:

  • Easy, Configurable End User Experience: Automated and ultra-rapid delivery of services through multi-tenant environments leads to fewer support calls for IT service providers.
  • Self-Service and Business Work-flow:Application architects and other IT consumers can shop for new workloads and/or business services, modify them as needed (and permitted), and see exactly what their requests will cost. This enables business leaders to approve costs in accordance with business priorities.
  • Web/Mobile Support: Cloud environments can be managed from anywhere, anytime, using standard web browsers as well as iOS devices including the Apple iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone.
  • Extended Integration: NetIQ Cloud Manager integrates seamlessly into existing IT infrastructures, supporting a broad range of virtualization technologies, including VMware vSphere, Xen- or KVM-enabled SUSE Linux Enterprise Servers, Citrix XenServer and Microsoft Hyper-V.
  • Unmatched Scalability: Scaling to manage over 100,000 workloads, NetIQ Cloud Manager can easily handle what customers are currently using today, and what they expect to adopt and utilize in the future.



Cloud Manager 2.0 is generally available today and enabling some of the largest service providers in the world to deliver differentiated IT services. Please visit our website for more information including product specifications, pricing and packaging options, or contact your Cloud Manager reseller.

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