July 12, 2011

NetIQ Enhances PlateSpin Virtualization and Workload Management Solutions

PlateSpin Improvements Help IT Improve Performance and Simplify Management of Today’s Mixed Data Centers

Press Release


NetIQ today announced new enhancements to the PlateSpin® Virtualization and Workload Management products—PlateSpin Forge®, PlateSpin Protect and PlateSpin Migrate—that enable IT organizations to better respond to growing business demands and reduce risk across the data center.

Responding to the ever increasing strain on customer network infrastructure, PlateSpin Forge, PlateSpin Protect and PlateSpin Migrate have been enhanced with user configurable bandwidth throttling and compression capabilities for shorter backup windows and streamlined migrations across overloaded LAN and costly WAN connections. These latest PlateSpin versions further simplify the ongoing management of mixed data centers with enhanced support for Windows, Linux and now Novell OES2 workloads residing on either physical or virtual infrastructure.

The new PlateSpin Virtualization Workload Management product capabilities include:

    PlateSpin Forge 3.1 – The industry's only all-in-one, out-of-the-box hardware appliance that protects both physical and virtual servers now includes user-configurable bandwidth throttling and compression to reduce network strain and reduce replication windows. Additionally the latest release also protects a wider array of workloads by offering flexible disaster recovery for Novell OES2 along with Windows and Linux.

    PlateSpin Protect 10.1 – PlateSpin Protect's capabilities for rapid recovery of virtual and physical server workloads from a single point of control in the data center now include improved network utilization controls, support for virtual clusters, protections of OES2 workloads and enhanced security of workloads traversing the Internet to deliver more comprehensive workload protection.

    PlateSpin Migrate 9.1 – PlateSpin Migrate's ability to decouple server workloads from their underlying hardware and enable anywhere-to-anywhere migration over the network between physical servers, virtual hosts and image archives now includes support for the migration of Novell OES2 workloads; extends the reduction of downtime and risk across additional components of the data center.

"Enterprise customers continue to require virtualization management solutions that can meet variable business demands and maintain consistent, dependable IT service delivery their organizations demand," said Jason Dea, manager of Product Marketing at NetIQ. "With the recent improvements in our PlateSpin family, we give customers the tools and capabilities to migrate and protect multiple platforms without having to make drastic changes to existing infrastructure investments surrounding hardware, operating system or even the network. Our goal is to help them continue to reduce their management costs, improve IT service delivery, and best protect server workloads with ease and tremendous flexibility."


PlateSpin Forge 3.1 and PlateSpin Protect 10.1 are generally available today. PlateSpin Migrate 9.1 will be available July 2011. For more information including product specifications, pricing and packaging options, visit: www.novell.com/products/Forge/, www.novell.com/products/Protect/ or www.novell.com/products/Migrate/ or contact your PlateSpin reseller.

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