April 13, 2010

Prime Care Technologies Taps NetIQ for IT and Security Management

Integrated Solution Automates and Enhances Service Delivery, Increases Reliability and Improves Administrative Efficiency

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Trusted by Fortune 1000 and Healthcare providers to deliver quality managed IT services, Prime Care Technologies turned to NetIQ Corporation to help control and standardize the administration of Microsoft Windows systems and Microsoft Active Directory. With NetIQ, Prime Care Technologies is able to better secure, manage and automate their IT practice to improve return on investment for customers and further establish trusted relationships.

Prime Care Technologies manages thousands of servers in more than 2,900 locations and delivers a wide range of IT services, including managed application hosting, partnered Time & Attendance/payroll services, asset management, Help Desk services and business intelligence reporting. As a result, the company maintains large amounts of highly sensitive information distributed across multiple environments. While serving customers that require 24/7 support and availability, Prime Care Technologies must always ensure the security of their dynamic IT environment and quickly respond to customer requests.

"Healthcare providers around the country trust Prime Care Technologies to secure their confidential and sensitive information, thus making it imperative that we ensure their data and systems are secure, compliant and available," said Ron Piper, director of Technology Services. "After exploring a number of solutions, we determined that NetIQ could deliver the best integrated and automated solution for implementing IT controls, delegated administration, comprehensive reporting and troubleshooting. With NetIQ, we can standardize on a single solution and increase reliability and accuracy while reducing our own workload—ultimately enabling us to deliver maximum value to our customers."

Prime Care Technologies will leverage an integrated solution that will help securely automate the provisioning of user accounts and privileges, quickly detect changes that are unauthorized or deviate from their standard processes, and provide the forensic analysis and reporting that Prime Care Technologies needs to resolve security issues and demonstrate compliance and control.

Prime Care Technologies will implement the following NetIQ products to achieve specific goals:

"With our technology, we are helping customers automate administration, management, security, and compliance around regulations such as PCI DSS and HIPAA—significantly improving efficiency and control to ultimately increase the bottom line," said Geoff Webb, senior manager of Product Marketing, NetIQ. "We are delighted to help Prime Care Technologies better address their customers' needs and reduce their own workload. By controlling operating costs, they can ensure that their clients receive premium service, reliability and value while further driving and enhancing their business."

About Prime Care Technologies

Prime Care Technologies delivers flexible, on-demand, high performance cloud-based computing services which give businesses the agility and efficiency to increase revenues, save money, insure compliance, and focus on business process improvement. Its customers are able to leverage computer resources anytime from anywhere. PCT works with Fortune 1000 Companies in finance, retail, manufacturing, and telecommunications; Health Care Providers, including, acute care, skilled nursing, assisted living, physician practices, home health, and hospice care; and the Public Sector, including public education and local government. For more information, please visit: www.primecaretech.com.

About NetIQ

NetIQ, an Attachmate business, is a global leader in systems and security management. With more than 12,000 customers in over 60 countries, NetIQ solutions maximize technology investments and enable IT process improvements to achieve measurable cost savings. For more information on NetIQ's portfolio of award-winning products for IT Process Automation, Systems Management, Security Management, Configuration Audit and Control, Enterprise Administration and Unified Communications Management, please contact us.

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