December 15, 2009

NetIQ Recognized by SC Magazine for Long-Standing Security and Compliance Excellence

NetIQ Secure Configuration Manager Named One of the Industry’s Top 20 Products in 20 Years

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NetIQ today announced that SC Magazine named NetIQ® Secure Configuration Manager one of its Top 20 of 20—meaning one of the most notable security and compliance products developed within the past two decades. Over the course of the last 20 years, SC Magazine has tested and reviewed hundreds of information security tools, and for their 20th anniversary publication, the SC Labs group has identified the top 20 products that either routinely tested well, made the jobs of IT security professionals easier, or have led to new discoveries and innovation.

"In an era driven by compliance, there are two specific areas of concern. One is how the enterprise and its data behave and the other is how they are configured. NetIQ's Secure Configuration Manager performs the latter task to our complete satisfaction." ¹

NetIQ Secure Configuration Manager is specifically designed to address system configuration and privileged user access, the two leading causes of system outages and data breaches. With heterogeneous configuration assessment, user entitlement reporting and automated exception management, NetIQ Secure Configuration Manager enables teams to demonstrate how organizations are meeting PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, FDCC and other mandates while ensuring their current risk posture. Its unique ability to quantify risk and deliver consumable, customizable configuration data to multiple stakeholders enables organizations to identify, document and further automate compliance processes.

"We have picked [NetIQ Secure Configuration Manager] as our favorite because it is priced right, it's full of features and it makes the compliance chore easier on the assessment and remediation ends. And that makes it one powerful tool."²

"We are thrilled that SC Magazine has named NetIQ Secure Configuration Manager as one of its top 20 products over the past 20 years," commented Geoff Webb, senior manager of Product Marketing at NetIQ. "Earning such recognition from one of the industry's most esteemed information security publications for our configuration management solution further affirms the value we deliver to our customers. With NetIQ Secure Configuration Manager, our customers not only reduce the risk of system outages, data breaches and compliance failures, but they avoid audit fines and maintain their reputations—both critical in today's business environment."

About NetIQ

NetIQ, an Attachmate business, is a global leader in systems and security management. With more than 12,000 customers in over 60 countries, NetIQ solutions maximize technology investments and enable IT process improvements to achieve measurable cost savings. For more information on NetIQ's portfolio of award-winning products for IT Process Automation, Systems Management,Security Management, Configuration Audit and Control, Enterprise Administration and Unified Communications Management, pleasecontact us.

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