September 8, 2009

Getronics Belgium Chooses NetIQ Solutions for Remote Monitoring of Clients’ Systems and Applications

NetIQ, an Attachmate business, has implemented the NetIQ® AppManager® at Getronics in Belgium, enabling them to monitor their clients' systems and applications remotely.

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NetIQ, an Attachmate business, has implemented the NetIQ® AppManager® at Getronics in Belgium, enabling them to monitor their clients' systems and applications remotely. With this systems management software, Getronics can react proactively to changes within the systems and the company can serve their clients better remotely. Getronics is deploying NetIQ AppManager to host websites, systems and applications and will leverage the solution to monitor the performance of Unix and Microsoft servers. Currently, Getronics supports twenty clients from five European countries with the NetIQ AppManager environment.

NetIQ AppManager proved to be the most flexible solution, as it could easily be rolled out across various locations. The platform independence, which also enabled Unix integration, together with the firewall-friendly communications they allow, were decisive factors that led Getronics to choose NetIQ products. Furthermore, Getronics can easily write and adapt scripts in NetIQ AppManager and, thanks to its extensive modularity, the systems and applications of clients with a very large environment can easily be monitored remotely.

Getronics also uses NetIQ Directory & Resource Administrator. NetIQ Directory & Resource Administrator allows multiple Active Directory environments to be managed from a single interface. This enables support personnel to manage the environments of several clients efficiently, while at the same time reducing security and other risks. They are able to provide second level support alongside first level support with this solution, saving remote management costs associated with clients' systems and applications while continuing to mitigate risks.

Dirk De Bel, leader of the toolset team at Getronics: "Not only did the manual monitoring of our remote clients take a lot of time, but it was also difficult for us to anticipate incidents. With NetIQ AppManager we can now proactively monitor servers and systems and take action before issues arise. As NetIQ AppManager provides heterogeneous support, we can now also serve clients that operate non-Microsoft platforms. The solution is user-friendly, and many scripts are available out-of-the-box. The collaboration with NetIQ is exceptionally good. We get quick answers to our questions—some of which are difficult—and I don't see that very often with other vendors."

About Getronics

With worldwide revenue of €2.2 billion and about 14,000 employees at HY 2009, Getronics is the largest ICT service-provider in the Benelux and a leading ICT service-provider in the world. As unique expert in Workspace services, connectivity, datacenter services and consulting, Getronics enables employees of large organisations to move forward by providing them with secure access to inofmration, 24/7, from any location. Getronics achieves this through a complete portfolio of integrated ICT services for the large enterprise market and works according to a Global Service Delivery Model guaranteeing its clients worldwide a consistent level of service. Since 23 October 2007, Getronics is part of KPN, the main provider of telecommunication services in The Netherlands.

About NetIQ

NetIQ, an Attachmate business, is a global leader in systems and security management. With more than 12,000 customers in over 60 countries, NetIQ solutions maximize technology investments and enable IT process improvements to achieve measurable cost savings. For more information on NetIQ's portfolio of award-winning products for IT Process Automation, Systems Management, Security Management, Configuration Audit and Control, Enterprise Administration and Unified Communications Management, please contact us.

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