February 19, 2008

NetIQ Partner Program Accelerates Product Development and Distribution for More Comprehensive Management and Compliance Solutions

NetIQ, an Attachmate business, today announced the new direction of its worldwide Technology Partner Program (TPP).

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NetIQ, an Attachmate business, today announced the new direction of its worldwide Technology Partner Program (TPP). The program is specifically designed for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and development partners to drive product and solution creation within IT Process Automation, Virtualization Management, Unified Communications and IT Compliance.

The NetIQ TPP effectively establishes a rich environment and support structure for partners to develop products that will further congeal an emerging NetIQ ecosystem. The program provides partners with development assistance, technical support, educational resources, joint marketing programs and routes to market, enabling partners to broaden their reach, create additional opportunities and effectively grow their respective businesses.

"Our customers are committed to maximizing their investments in NetIQ technology, and they want real solutions—pre-integrated, tested and validated—so that they streamline their current IT environments and look to adopt next-generation technologies. We have structured our Technology Partner Program to fully leverage our development and market distribution strengths so that we can deliver comprehensive solutions and better empower our customers to meet the complex IT and business challenges they face," said Michael Serleth, Senior Director of Business Development, NetIQ.

NetIQ TPP members can select the level of involvement in the program that best suits their business objectives. The two levels of involvement are:

  • NetIQ Certified Technology Partner (CTP) – these partners have the deepest level of involvement and partner benefits, and have solutions that have been fully integrated with NetIQ products to address specific needs in NetIQ customer environments. These solutions meet NetIQ recommendations for coding standards and quality, and are validated by NetIQ. CTP solutions are sold and supported by NetIQ under a reseller or royalty-sharing arrangement.
  • NetIQ Affiliated Technology Partner (ATP) – this is ideal for companies that have developed commercially available solutions purposely created to complement NetIQ products. As an ATP, partners' solutions are tested and validated using NetIQ guidelines and then sold by either the Technology Partner or its channel partners.

Vendors and solution providers joining the NetIQ TPP include:

  • Jalasoft Corporation (www.jalasoft.com) – "Our partnership with NetIQ has provided us with the tools, support and guidance necessary for the successful development of our Adapters for NetIQ® Aegis™ software . Through our collaborative partnership, we will be able to help customers automate IT processes by leveraging existing technology investments, and through NetIQ, provide the end-user customer support which is critical to the overall success of the Aegis platform," said Davor Pavisic, chief technical officer, Jalasoft Corporation.
  • Netuitive (www.netuitive.com) – "Our long-standing relationship with NetIQ has extended our reach in the performance management market and allowed us to complement the strengths of NetIQ AppManager® for organizations looking to improve system and service performance, streamline operations and resolve potential performance conflicts before they impact quality of service," said Daniel Heimlich, vice president of Marketing, Netuitive, Inc.
  • Third Brigade (www.thirdbrigade.com) – "Working together, Third Brigade and NetIQ combine threat and intrusion prevention with incident and event management. The integration provides users with a comprehensive view of the network, as well as host-level security for critical applications, data and servers, including virtualized environments. In addition, the combination provides an important component in the ongoing challenge to meet demanding compliance regulations," said Brian O'Higgins, chief technology officer, Third Brigade.
  • Type80 (www.type80.com) – "Through our partnership with NetIQ we were able to work directly with customers to broaden the coverage of platforms covered by NetIQ Security Manager in the mainframe space. The ability of Type80 to provide extensions to all mainframe console messages and write-to-operator messages using the standard TCP/IP Syslog protocol is particularly valuable in delivering easy integration with any centralized security activity, not to mention a cost effective way to monitor the IBM z/OS," said Jerry Harding, managing director, Type80.

All NetIQ Technology Partners, regardless of the level of involvement, have access to NetIQ's technical tools that can help to streamline development and integration. They also have access to NetIQ training and educational programs, as well as sales and marketing resources to evolve new solutions that provide benefit to today's IT challenges, tap new routes to market and increase market share. To learn more about NetIQ's Technology Partner Program, please visit: www.netiq.com/partners/technology/default.asp.

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