July 8, 2008

NetIQ Extends IT Process Automation Capabilities for Security Operations

Aegis Security Adapters Enable Consistent Application of Policy and Reduce Cost of Incident Response

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IT process automation seeks to radically reduce the costs and increase the reliable execution of repetitive tasks that underpin the delivery of business services. By extending process automation to security operations, both IT and Security can be better equipped to achieve consistent policy compliance, deeper corporate data protection and streamlined incident and event management, without sacrificing employee productivity.

To that end, NetIQ, an Attachmate business, today introduced adapters to its flagship security and compliance products, NetIQ® Security Manager™ and NetIQ Secure Configuration Manager™ to enable the modeling, automation, measurement and improvement of repetitive security tasks within the context of leading security standards or ITIL-based processes.

Featuring bi-directional communication and control between NetIQ's vendor-agnostic enterprise service bus, NetIQ Aegis™, and other IT management tools such as ticketing systems, the NetIQ Aegis Adapters for Security Manager and Secure Configuration Manager enable intelligent automation of security tasks across heterogeneous environments, vastly reducing the time spent on their execution.

For the first time, security events can be tightly integrated into enterprise event and incident management processes, which helps speed mean time to resolution when security is at the root cause. Security teams can define risk and compliance processes and ensure they are executed accurately by either them or non-security personnel while enforcing role-based segregation of duties.

The NetIQ Aegis Adapters for Security Manager and Secure Configuration Manager effectively bridge IT Operations and Security silos to enable:

  • Faster security incident response and resolution
  • Fully integrated enterprise IT incident management
  • Converged and automated assessment and remediation (enforcing auditability with segregation of duties)
  • Enterprise policy compliance and business exception management

"Enterprise customers want to decrease operating costs of security by increasing its efficiency, and they want to do that without sacrificing service quality or introducing enterprise risk," said Chris Pick, vice president, Products & Marketing at NetIQ. "NetIQ Aegis and our latest security adapters extend IT process automation to security operations to achieve all of these objectives by consistently executing IT process and by leveraging existing tool sets in a cost-effective manner."

Availability & Pricing

NetIQ Security Manager and Secure Configuration Manager adapters for Aegis will be available in July 2008. For more information on pricing, visit www.netiq.com or call NetIQ at (888) 323-6768.

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NetIQ, an Attachmate business, is a leading provider of comprehensive systems and security management solutions that help enterprises maximize IT service delivery and efficiency. With more than 12,000 customers worldwide, NetIQ solutions yield measurable business value and results that dynamic organizations demand. NetIQ's best-of-breed solutions help IT organizations deliver critical business services, mitigate operational risk, and document policy compliance. The company's portfolio of award-winning management solutions includes IT Process Automation, Systems Management, Security Management, Configuration Control and Enterprise Administration.

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