August 12, 2008

NetIQ Extends Automated Event Management Across Heterogeneous Environments

Aegis 1.5 Broadens Management Tool Integration to Improve IT Operations Efficiencies

Press Release


NetIQ, an Attachmate business, today announced the release of NetIQ® Aegis™ 1.5, featuring new integration methods to extend process automation across heterogeneous computing environments and further reduce operational inefficiencies plaguing IT organizations. Along with these enhancements, NetIQ also announced expanded platform support for leading third-party tools.

NetIQ Aegis is the industry's first vendor-neutral IT Process Automation platform and the only technology featuring deep embedded workflow knowledge for modeling, automating, measuring and improving run books and ITIL-based processes. By utilizing Aegis along with adapters to leading management products, organizations can further automate their event management process and derive greater ROI from heterogeneous computing environments.

"As a large Managed Service Provider, we support a very diverse client base that requires consistently delivered custom services. IT process automation helps us meet those demands. It delivers quicker and more consistent restoration of service, prevents expensive, manual process execution and limits headcount increases so we can ultimately reduce operational expenses," said Neil Forster, IT director at Attenda. "Scalability and agility are essential, and any solution we purchase must support a variety of tools, including our one-of-a-kind incident management system and configuration management database (CMDB). Aegis 1.5 has helped us not only streamline operations, saving costs, but has improved service quality along the way. By intelligently correlating events, automatically resolving known errors, and when necessary, prompting for user input before taking action, we have established greater process rigor and reduced manual activities so that we can provide a much greater level of operational certainty in our highly-competitive market."

With IP v6 compatibility, new out-of-the-box activities, a process scheduler and improved mapping wizards for building and maintaining IT processes, Aegis 1.5 delivers a richer and more intuitive experience to accelerate the achievement of cost savings. It also ships with a greater variety of integration methods, including a:

  • Universal database adapter, which enables Aegis to interact directly with any product that utilizes a back-end database such as a CMDB
  • Command line interface communicator, which allows Aegis to issue text commands or read output to drive processes such as job scheduling
  • Web services activity that provides access and control of any application or tool via this common API to enable rapid integration

NetIQ continues to extend integration with leading IT enterprise tools with the introduction of an adapter for BMC® Remedy® Action Request System®, technology resulting from the NetIQ Technology Partner Program that is designed to work with any enterprise customizations already in place. Now, users can correlate events across multiple tools, automatically populate a single ticket within Remedy and monitor for status changes that dictate further steps in an automated process.

"Organizations are burdened by the sheer management requirements of their heterogeneous computing environments, and a deeper level of tool integration achieved by IT process automation lessens this burden while delivering greater IT efficiency and productivity," said Travis Greene, service management strategist at NetIQ. "IT Process Automation is more than just orchestration. It requires embedded knowledge as well as broad and deep integration capabilities that NetIQ Aegis delivers. With the latest version, customers have an effective way to eliminate redundant manual tasks to free up talented resources. More importantly, they have the power to change their workload from 'doing' to 'approving' so they can take on more strategic tasks while achieving greater and more repeatable cost savings."

Availability and Pricing

NetIQ Aegis 1.5 is generally available worldwide today. NetIQ Aegis Adapter for BMC Remedy Action Request System will be available worldwide in August 2008. List pricing for NetIQ Aegis starts at $25,000 per base server with managed objects and adapters licensed separately.

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NetIQ, an Attachmate business, is a global leader in systems and security management. With more than 12,000 customers in over 60 countries, NetIQ solutions maximize technology investments and enable IT process improvements to achieve measurable cost savings. For more information on NetIQ’s portfolio of award-winning products for IT Process Automation, Systems Management, Security Management, Configuration Audit and Control, Enterprise Administration and Unified Communications Management, please contact us.

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