December 10, 2008

NetIQ Delivers Automated Cross-Platform Event Correlation and Resolution

NetIQ Aegis Now Includes Rich Support for Leading Network Management Tool

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NetIQ Corporation, an Attachmate business, today announced the NetIQ® Aegis® Adapter for EMC® Smarts®. With this bi-directional command-and-control adapter, NetIQ extends its native IT process automation capabilities to include automated response and resolution of events detected by this market-leading management tool.

According to a March 2008 report published by Forrester Research titled Market Overview: The IT Management Software Market In 2008¹, "The key trend in IT management software spending will be the widespread adoption of IT process automation technologies across the whole IT management software spectrum. The two main drivers for customers' investment will be economic considerations around a further reduction in operational IT spending and the quest to sustain competitive advantage through superior quality of service."

With interest in and need for IT process automation on the rise, organizations leveraging EMC Smarts can easily apply automation through NetIQ Aegis. Rather than just monitor system status, IT can now execute processes through EMC Smarts implementations using this latest NetIQ Aegis adapter to eliminate manual, routine and mundane management tasks. For example, on a defined schedule, NetIQ Aegis can invoke the EMC Smarts Domain Manager to discover and reconcile new devices with other discovered objects to populate a disconnected Configuration Management Database (CMDB), critical to incident, problem and change management.

Additionally, NetIQ Aegis integrates server and network reports collected by EMC Smarts and other monitoring tools so that server and network teams can coordinate event response and speed time to resolution.

The NetIQ Aegis adapter for EMC Smarts delivers the following functionality:

  • Automated investigation and recovery for EMC Smarts notifications and events
  • Correlation of EMC Smarts events from NetIQ AppManager®, BMC Remedy, HP OpenView and other platforms
  • Bi-directional integration of EMC Smarts data and events with ticketing systems, CMDBs and other data management tools

"Faced with more financial and staffing obstacles than ever before, cross-platform automation is the key to effectively managing today's hybrid infrastructures," said Travis Greene, service management strategist at NetIQ. "NetIQ Aegis compiles and correlates the best information available to intelligently automate processes across heterogeneous platforms so that IT administrators can rapidly address issues with little manual effort. Not only does this improve service delivery by accelerating responsiveness, but it helps significantly reduce the cost of IT management across the board."

Availability and Pricing

List pricing for NetIQ Aegis starts at $25,000 per base server with managed objects and adapters licensed separately. The NetIQ Aegis Adapter for EMC Smarts will be available in the United States in December 2008, and is expected to be available worldwide by January 2009.For more information on pricing, visit or call NetIQ at (888) 323-6768.

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