March 7, 2006

NetIQ Introduces New NetIQ Change Administrator to Deliver Robust Change Control Capabilities for Servers

Offering Helps Enterprises Assure Compliance, Control and Accountability Over Critical IT Infrastructure

Press Release

SAN JOSE, Calif.

NetIQ Corp. (Nasdaq: NTIQ), a leading provider of integrated systems and security management solutions, today announced NetIQ Change Administrator™, a new solution for controlling and managing changes to enterprise server environments. By providing authorized change control and highly configurable, task-specific permissions for servers, NetIQ Change Administrator reduces operational risks and server down-time, leading to improved IT service availability.

Stringent regulations and increased complexity across the enterprise create significant challenges for organizations as they struggle to control changes within their server environments. Because native server permissions fail to offer a level of granularity to meet regulatory requirements, IT managers are often forced to grant extensive, powerful and permanent privileges to IT personnel to perform relatively minor server application tasks. These overly broad permissions introduce a significant threat of unintentional accidents and malicious abuse by insiders that can detrimentally impact the performance, availability and security of an organization's IT infrastructure.

"IT departments need a solution that will manage and monitor the volume of changes occurring in their server environments while also assuring operational integrity," said Stephen Elliot, research manager for IDC's Enterprise Systems Management Software Service. "Change control is an investment priority for most enterprise organizations and it is a key foundation for delivering efficient IT services."

About NetIQ Change Administrator

As a key component of NetIQ's Knowledge-Based Service Assurance strategy, NetIQ Change Administrator helps customers assure that their IT environments are secure, available, performing optimally and compliant with regulatory and corporate policies.

    NetIQ Change Administrator:

  • Provides enhanced access control and delegation functionality – NetIQ Change Administrator gives IT managers enhanced control and management of server changes with "just-in-time" permissions, granular access control and time-based delegation. This helps reduce the risk of unauthorized changes by providing tighter control over active and powerful accounts.
  • Features operations-centric and enterprise ready capabilities – NetIQ Change Administrator features an operator activity dashboard that provides an at-a-glance management view of accessed servers. The product also allows for emergency access rights that help assure that access controls do not cripple the IT organization during a crisis.
  • Strengthens reporting – NetIQ Change Administrator supports key change management processes, including ITIL, by providing visibility into which systems are being accessed based on ticket requests.
  • Facilitates the auditing process – NetIQ Change Administrator features clear definition of entitlement to show who can access which servers at a given time. This provides key documentation for demonstrating regulatory compliance, as well as for auditing purposes. Activity reports can also be run to allow auditors to easily track down specific server changes.

"When organizations hire new IT employees, IT managers often automatically admit them into a trusted group, giving them indiscriminate access into the IT infrastructure. By granting this type of broad access, organizations are making themselves vulnerable to the greatest threat - the one coming from inside their own walls," said Dr. Eric Cole, author of Insider Threat. "NetIQ Change Administrator allows organizations to implement higher levels of control and accountability over the entire IT infrastructure to adopt effective security best practices."

"The process of controlling and managing changes to servers has traditionally been a manual, time-intensive process that is often inadequate to meet regulatory requirements for improved change control," said Jim McGrath, senior director for product management, NetIQ. "With NetIQ Change Administrator, customers are able to reduce the risk of unauthorized server changes by more tightly controlling active accounts and demonstrate compliance by generating key documentation."

Pricing and Availability

NetIQ Change Administrator will be available on March 20, 2006. Pricing starts at $2,000 per server. For more information, please contact your local NetIQ sales representative or call NetIQ at (888) 323-6768.

About NetIQ

NetIQ is a leading provider of integrated systems and security management solutions that empower IT organizations with the knowledge and ability necessary to assure IT service. NetIQ's Knowledge-Based Service Assurance products and solutions include embedded knowledge and tools to implement industry best practices and to better ensure operational integrity, manage service levels and risk, and ensure policy compliance. NetIQ's modular, best-of-breed solutions for Performance & Availability Management, Security Management, Configuration & Vulnerability Management and Operational Change Control integrate through an open, service-oriented architecture allowing for common reporting, analytics and dashboards. For more information about NetIQ, visit or call (888) 323-6768.

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