May 16, 2006

NetIQ Extends Security and Configuration Policy Management to the Desktop with NetIQ IntelliPolicy for Clients 1.7

New solution simplifies desktop security and configuration management

Press Release


NetIQ Corp. (Nasdaq: NTIQ), a leading provider of integrated systems and security management solutions, today announced the NetIQ® IntelliPolicy® for Clients 1.7 product at its NetConnect 2006 Global User Conference. With the launch of NetIQ IntelliPolicy for Clients 1.7, NetIQ extends its expertise in security and vulnerability management from the server to the desktop, simplifying the configuration management and lockdown of desktops from a central console. NetIQ IntelliPolicy for Clients 1.7 incorporates native Windows management technology with more granular security and configuration policy settings. The product also allows administrators to selectively deploy policies across desktops and users.

Managing desktops is complicated by the fact that users are often granted "administrator rights" as a result of applications that require elevated privileges and users' demands for greater control over their desktops. While this provides greater flexibility, it also introduces increased security risks. These risks include users installing unapproved applications and making untested configuration changes, in addition to escalating costs to support multiple desktop images. NetIQ IntelliPolicy for Clients 1.7 provides administrators new and extended security and configuration policy settings, as well as the ability to selectively apply policies across desktop and server assets, for a simplified and cost-effective alternative to desktop lockdown and configuration management. Leveraging Microsoft Group Policy as the underlying architecture, NetIQ IntelliPolicy for Clients helps organizations increase their return on investment in Microsoft Active Directory, minimize integration and training costs, and scale with the growth of the organization.

NetIQ IntelliPolicy for Clients 1.7 is a key component of NetIQ's Knowledge-Based Service Assurance corporate strategy and marks the first release of the product since NetIQ purchased it from FullArmor Corporation in March 2006. Knowledge-Based Service Assurance empowers IT organizations with the knowledge and ability necessary to assure IT service.

"NetIQ is the market share leader for host-based security, vulnerability and configuration management solutions. With the introduction of NetIQ IntelliPolicy for Clients 1.7 we are now able to extend our domain expertise to client environments," said Matt Dircks, senior vice president, products and markets at NetIQ. "NetIQ IntelliPolicy for Clients 1.7 enables organizations to leverage existing investments in Microsoft Active Directory and provides organizations with a comprehensive, policy-based approach to managing client-side security, access control and configuration management."

Key features of NetIQ IntelliPolicy for Clients 1.7 include:

  • Centralized desktop lockdown and configuration management – Simplifies the management of desktops and servers and leverages existing Windows desktop management standards. This provides IT administrators with the confidence that assets are more secure, their configurations are known, and policy is defined and operating across the organization.
  • Extended security and configuration policy settings – Delivers additional controls that help fill the "controls gap" between what security best practice and regulatory requirements demand, versus what native technology can deliver. Organizations can create policies that accurately map to requirements without having to rely on additional technologies, such as scripting.
  • Selective application of policy settings – Dramatically simplifies how policies are deployed with powerful filters to determine where and when policies are applied, to ensure the policies that best fit an asset's risk, capacity and availability profile are applied to that asset, and to avoid inefficient "all or nothing" approaches.

"With NetIQ IntelliPolicy for Clients 1.7, NetIQ is helping customers dramatically reduce the time and cost of managing desktop and server configurations and security," said Robert Almond, chief operating officer for FullArmor Corporation. "NetIQ is committed to bringing leading solutions to market and clearly understands its customers' needs for a highly-scalable product that leverages industry standards such as Microsoft's Group Policy."

Pricing and Availability

NetIQ IntelliPolicy for Clients 1.7 will be available on May 23, 2006. Promotional pricing starts at $10 per endpoint. For more information, please visit or call NetIQ at (888) 323-6768.

About NetIQ

NetIQ is a leading provider of integrated systems and security management solutions that empower IT organizations with the knowledge and ability necessary to assure IT service. NetIQ's Knowledge-Based Service Assurance products and solutions include embedded knowledge and tools to implement industry best practices and to better ensure operational integrity, manage service levels and risk, and ensure policy compliance. NetIQ's modular, best-of-breed solutions for Performance & Availability Management, Security Management, Configuration & Vulnerability Management, and Operational Change Control integrate through an open, service-oriented architecture allowing for common reporting, analytics and dashboards. For more information about NetIQ, visit or call (888)323-6768.

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