February 14, 2006

NetIQ Announces NetIQ Security Manager 5.5 to Address New Security Threats and Expand Protection

New Offering Helps Enterprises Receive Updated Security Content and Knowledge

Press Release

SAN JOSE, Calif.

NetIQ Corp. (Nasdaq: NTIQ), a leading provider of integrated systems and security management solutions, today announced expansion of its award-winning security management product family with the introduction of the NetIQ Security Manager™ 5.5 product, a security information and event management solution for heterogeneous environments. NetIQ Security Manager 5.5 allows security administrators to use a centralized console to take action against intrusions, manage and correlate security events, and perform advanced forensics and trending of log data.

Designed specifically to protect critical IT systems and their confidential data, the NetIQ Security Manager 5.5 product is the most comprehensive security management solution available today. NetIQ Security Manager 5.5 provides customers with increased capabilities to address new security threats, consolidate security data across the enterprise and manage a broad range of security device information faster and more efficiently.

"With an ever changing environment and the constant battle against new threats, it's imperative that we have the latest updates and knowledge within our security products," said Glenn Peisley, director of IT security, Department of Science & Training (DEST), Australia. "We are enthusiastic about the new functionality in NetIQ Security Manager 5.5 that will help us achieve this goal and ensure that we are in compliance with the security monitoring requirements in our annual security certification process."

NetIQ Security Manager 5.5:

  • Delivers new security knowledge seamlessly – NetIQ Security Manager 5.5 allows enterprise customers to save valuable security personnel time and resources by delivering content updates as soon as they are available, including the latest rules, views, security knowledge, summary reports, forensic queries and device monitoring support.
  • Provides protection for Oracle databases – Valuable data in Oracle databases running on UNIX platforms is secured through NetIQ Security Manager 5.5's protection and auditing capabilities. This includes real-time monitoring, log archival and audit-friendly reporting of database system events and management activities, access to and modifications within tables, and access to other transactional information.
  • Extends agentless monitoring to Windows – NetIQ Security Manager 5.5 monitors and collects events from Windows platforms without need for an agent, using the new Windows Event Log Proxy (WELP) provider. This dramatically enhances deployment options for protection of Windows-based servers, especially where an agent-based approach is not feasible or desirable.
  • Simplifies agent management – NetIQ Security Manager 5.5 includes a new agent administrator wizard that improves usability, making agents easier to both manage and deploy across the network. It includes powerful tools for discovering unmanaged servers and an integrated process to ensure that agents are approved before being deployed.

"The cornerstone of our strategy is providing customers with the knowledge they need to assure their critical IT systems are secure from vulnerabilities and threats," said Bob Tesh, NetIQ senior manager, product marketing. "With NetIQ Security Manager 5.5, customers can receive the latest security protection information in a way that is easy to implement."

About NetIQ Security Manager

NetIQ Security Manager helps assure the security of the IT infrastructure via event detection and protection, security information management, log management and incident response. NetIQ Security Manager is a component of NetIQ's Knowledge-Based Service Assurance strategy.

NetIQ was recently named the security and vulnerability management software revenue and market share leader for calendar year 2004 by IDC, a leading IT market research and advisory firm, in its report titled "Worldwide Security and Vulnerability Management Software 2005-2009 Forecast and Analysis: Taking Control of the Security Environment."*

NetIQ is also a founding member of the Microsoft SecureIT Alliance, a community of professional software firms that is collaborating to create enhanced security solutions for customers using the Microsoft platform. For more information, visit http://secureitalliance.org/.

Pricing and Availability

NetIQ Security Manager 5.5 will be available in March 2006. Pricing for comprehensive protection starts at $1,100 per managed device. For more information, please contact your local NetIQ sales representative or call NetIQ at (888) 323-6768.

About NetIQ

NetIQ is a leading provider of integrated systems and security management solutions that empower IT organizations with the knowledge and ability necessary to assure IT service. NetIQ's Knowledge-Based Service Assurance products and solutions include embedded knowledge and tools to implement industry best practices and to better ensure operational integrity, manage service levels and risk, and ensure policy compliance. NetIQ's modular, best-of-breed solutions for Performance & Availability Management, Security Management, Configuration & Vulnerability Management, and Operational Change Control integrate through an open, service-oriented architecture allowing for common reporting, analytics and dashboards. For more information about NetIQ, visit www.netiq.com or call (888) 323-6768.

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