December 27, 2005

Managed Service Providers Deploy NetIQ for VoIP Management

NetIQ’s systems management solutions assure VoIP environments are available, performing and secure

Press Release

SAN JOSE, Calif.

NetIQ Corp. (Nasdaq: NTIQ), a leading provider of integrated systems and security management solutions, today announced that network Managed Service Providers (MSPs) such as Analysts International, Calence and Getronics are deploying NetIQ® VoIP Management solutions to address both their own and their clients' VoIP needs.

As more enterprises implement next-generation communication technologies, MSPs not only must be able to deploy VoIP applications rapidly, they also must be able to maintain critical application performance and availability. Analysts International, Calence and Getronics have chosen NetIQ VoIP Management solutions because of their need to manage the performance and availability of their customers' VoIP applications.

"At Getronics, we put a tremendous amount of effort into selecting VoIP management tools. We look for vendors who not only are leaders in the space, but also offer solutions that are applicable to our environment," said Patrick Kelly, solutions developer, communication services practice, at Getronics. "We chose NetIQ because we look for best-of-breed vendors with whom we can partner to achieve the successful management of our customers' environments."

Key Elements to Successful VoIP Management

NetIQ VoIP Management solutions help MSPs better execute major deployments and deliver consistent levels of performance and availability of their IP telephony systems and applications. NetIQ's integrated solutions span pre-deployment assessment and testing, roll-out, and post-deployment phases. These solutions include:

  • NetIQ® AppManager® for VoIP - Maximizes the performance and availability of IP telephony systems and applications with automated problem management, sophisticated alerting and powerful reporting capabilities.
  • NetIQ® Vivinet® Assessor - Determines quickly and easily how VoIP will run on the network prior to deployment.
  • NetIQ® Vivinet® Diagnostics - Pinpoints call quality problems in VoIP networks and explains why a user is experiencing reduced call quality.

"One of Analysts International's key strategies is to partner with industry leaders, such as NetIQ. This allows us to bring together the latest emerging technologies and our expertise to support a better solution for our customers," stated Tracy Stuart, Remote Management System (RMS) practice manager at Analysts International. "Using NetIQ solutions enabled us to better equip our engineers to be more successful. The monitoring, alerting and reporting capabilities allow us to assess and respond to issues more quickly and thereby help keep our customers' VoIP systems running at peak performance."

Benefits of NetIQ's VoIP Management Solutions for MSPs and Their Customers

NetIQ's VoIP management solutions allow MSPs to gain enhanced visibility into their own and their customers' VoIP environments to make sure they are available, performing and secure regardless of the size of the deployment. MSPs can create standards to identify real issues versus informational events, monitor more services with fewer resources and reduce the time invested in creating reports.

NetIQ AppManager for VoIP measures service levels and monitors the operation of the IT infrastructure - including network, hardware and infrastructure software components - so MSPs can correlate service-level issues to problems in the underlying architecture. Through AppManager's single integrated console, MSPs can manage IP phones, call servers, voice mail, IP contact center applications and the underlying IT infrastructure. NetIQ's solutions are scalable, so as clients expand their VoIP deployments, MSPs can continue to manage them successfully.

NetIQ offers extensive support for leading IP telephony vendors such as Cisco, Nortel and others. This cross-platform flexibility is helpful to MSPs with clients operating in various environments.

"Through our VoIP solutions, we provide MSPs the right information and knowledge they need to maintain a high level of service for their clients," says David Pann, vice president and general manager of NetIQ's VoIP business. "With NetIQ, MSPs have the knowledge to ensure the overall quality of VoIP deployments - from beginning to end."

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