July 23, 2004

WebTrends Tracks Big Brother Web Site

4Interactive, Channel 4's interactive division has deployed WebTrends web analytics software to monitor and analyse visitor behaviour on its Big Brother web site.

Press Release

London, UK

4Interactive, Channel 4's interactive division has deployed WebTrends web analytics software to monitor and analyse visitor behaviour on its Big Brother web site. With up to five million page impressions a day, WebTrends analyses visitor behaviour to reveal preferences and drop-off points.

WebTrends picks up peaks and troughs in visitor behaviour to provide editors and producers of the show indications on show popularity and alerts on any sudden drop in visitor numbers. To-date, the Big Brother web site has served more than 260 million page views, with the highest daily traffic occurring on Friday 18 June when the site delivered over ten million page views from 560,000 unique users.

The Big Brother website provides news updates, video streaming and photos on the contestants, as well as chat forums and tours of the Big Brother house. WebTrends data has revealed picture galleries and news pieces are the most popular features on the site. The information about visitor numbers and profiles is being used by Channel 4's advertising and marketing teams to determine marketing strategy and to justify the value of the site as an advertising medium.

"The web site is a business critical part of Channel 4's Interactive department and we required a sophisticated and robust tool to monitor effectiveness and ensure user satisfaction," said Sam McGregor, Interactive Technology Manager, of Channel 4. "WebTrends provides an easy to use, easy to access management tool that can segment visitor activity to identify areas and links on the site that are the most popular, all at the click of a button."

About Channel 4

Since 1982 Channel 4 has been making television that matters - offering an alternative to the mainstream on other channels and placing a premium on innovation, originality and diversity, it has been Britain's most cutting edge, controversial and creative broadcaster of the last two decades. Channel 4 is unique - a public service channel funded entirely by advertising. It reinvests all its profits in generating new creative opportunities for Britain's most talented producers and filmmakers.

4Interactive is responsible for the building and extending of Channel 4's brand properties and reputations in interactive media. Its major activities comprise: -Online via a single Channel4.com "supersite", Interactive TV and Mobile & Fixed line Telephony. The department also plays a vital role in the development of "cross-platform" properties, utilising many or all of the above activities, and best typified by its work on Big Brother.

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