November 15, 2004

WebTrends Breaks Down Marketing Silos with ExactTarget Technology Partnership

Industry’s First Integrated Email-Web Analytics Solution to Provide Marketers Complete, Real-Time, Visual Insight

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WebTrends, the web analytics market share leader and a business unit of NetIQ Corporation (NASDAQ: NTIQ), and ExactTarget, an on-demand email software provider servicing more than 2,800 customers, today announced a technology partnership that gives customers unprecedented insight into the performance of email campaigns. The ExactTarget-WebTrends integrated solution provides email marketers with one comprehensive, straightforward view of how respondents react to specific creative elements within the email and the web site.

Using the visual overlay solution in WebTrends® 7 called WebTrends® SmartView, complete campaign metrics such as clickthroughs, cart additions, conversions and revenue are superimposed directly on every email link. Marketers can easily understand what's working and what's not by simply clicking the WebTrends SmartView button within the ExactTarget interface to gain instant access to their complete results displayed on top of their email creative.

According to Joel Reimer, manager of Interactive Marketing at The Scotts Company, the world's leading supplier of consumer products for lawn and garden care, the ExactTarget-WebTrends technology partnership creates the potential for a new level of understanding with respect to integrated consumer touch points. "The objectives we've outlined for our web site and our e-mail marketing programs are the same: to develop relationships with consumers, reinforce loyalty to our brands, and ultimately drive sales; and it's an integrated effort," said Reimer. "For the first time, we'll be able to measure the effectiveness of these touch points and analyze consumer behavior in an integrated manner."

"Integrating WebTrends web analytics solutions with ExactTarget email solutions is a vivid example of our relentless focus to accelerate the time to business value for our customers by providing them with the most complete, easy to use analytics for their most important marketing efforts," said Greg Drew, general manager of the WebTrends business unit. "The ExactTarget team matched our dedication to make this the easiest and most actionable solution on the market today, so that customers can focus on optimizing their campaigns, rather than spending precious time integrating email metrics and web analytics-we've done it for them."

Beyond Clickthrough to Conversion

The ExactTarget-WebTrends technology partnership also provides email marketers the industry's most sophisticated scenario analysis, allowing them to pinpoint both email and on-site conversion issues and identify appropriate actions needed to improve results. WebTrends Scenario Analysis lets marketers create their own scenarios to visually analyze the conversion behavior of email respondents, from email open to completed checkout and resulting revenue. By examining how email respondents move through web site conversion scenario steps, including the abandonment paths taken, marketers can optimize email creative, landing page effectiveness and calls to action in order to increase conversion rates.

From Revenue to ROI

Email marketers can now for the first time easily integrate email metrics, web metrics and cost data in order to thoroughly understand campaign effectiveness, using WebTrends® SmartReports for Microsoft® Excel®. Marketers are now able to access more mature, useful metrics such as Revenue per Opened Email or Cost per Sale, leveraging seamless email and web metrics updates through SmartReports. Metrics from other marketing campaigns-both online efforts such as search engines, as well as traditional efforts such as direct mail-can be integrated into a single SmartReport or viewed in a standard WebTrends campaign report for side-by-side comparisons of campaign effectiveness and ROI.

More Precise Segmentation and Targeting

In addition, the ExactTarget-WebTrends technology partnership makes it easier for marketers to target their subsequent email marketing campaigns based on past visitor behavior, rather than just demographics. For example, a person who browses a site but does not make a purchase can be sent a different email offer than a person who abandons an online shopping cart, to encourage desired behaviors and increase conversion.

"The goal of all organizations is a closer relationship with their customers, and together ExactTarget and WebTrends make it easier to achieve this," said Chris Baggott, chief marketing officer of ExactTarget. "Our relationship with WebTrends brings even more value to our customers by giving them the insight to instantly see how their emails are performing with their subscribers. This instant feedback and detailed insight allows our customers to make necessary changes to their campaigns to achieve the best ROI possible."


The ExactTarget-WebTrends integrated solution will be available in December, and sold by both WebTrends and ExactTarget's sales teams and select partners. For more information, visit

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