November 2, 2004

The Volvo Group Standardizes on WebTrends

Volvo Construction Equipment Leverages WebTrends Enterprise to Increase Online Leads by 700%

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SAN JOSE, Calif.

WebTrends, the web analytics market share leader and a business unit of NetIQ Corporation (NASDAQ: NTIQ), today announced that the Volvo Group (, one of the world's leading producers of trucks, buses, construction equipment, marine and industrial engines, and aerospace components, has selected WebTrends® Enterprise as the standard web analytics solution across all of its worldwide web properties. This global standardization comes after the success Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) achieved with its web analytics initiatives using WebTrends. The Volvo Group as a whole has more than 75,000 employees in 30 countries and annual sales of approximately 22 billion dollars in 2003.

Volvo CE ( is a Volvo Group company and leading manufacturer of equipment for the construction and related industries. Volvo CE is also one of the Volvo Group's largest e-business initiatives, with over 50 regional, dealer and market-oriented web sites-a number expected to double by 2005. To effectively enhance its web sites to better meet its lead generation business objectives, Volvo CE started leveraging web analytics to achieve better acquisition and conversion results. Through WebTrends Enterprise, Volvo CE was able to track visits to leads to sales, and increase the number of leads generated each month by more than 700%, as reported by Volvo.

"We knew WebTrends offered complete web analytics, probably more than we would ever need. And as the most active users of web analytics, we were convinced that if WebTrends would work for Volvo CE it would more than satisfy every other Volvo company," said Brian Godwin, e-commerce program manager for Volvo CE. "Today, every company within the Volvo Group now uses the solution."

One of the primary objectives of the Volvo CE site is to get visitors to the site so they know the variety of equipment that Volvo offers. Because the web site generates tremendous brand value, and because of the complex process of tying leads to ROI due to long sales cycles, it was important for Volvo CE to ensure that visitors find the right type of information as quickly as possible in order to clearly show the value proposition of its equipment to potential buyers.

"We have about 100 reporting profiles spanning 55 countries," explains Godwin. "One of the first things we did was sync up WebTrends with our content management system to ensure accuracy and completeness of information across multiple groups of content, such as types of products and country-specific sites. We also leveraged WebTrends Scenario Analysis for step-by-step analysis of the conversion process to truly understand where visitors were dropping out of a lead generation scenario and whether they were finding the information they were looking for. That was how we were able to identify the biggest problems visitors had with the site and ultimately increase our web leads by 700%."

Volvo CE worked with WebTrends® Insight Network (W.I.N.) partner, Future Now, Inc. to help optimize their site using WebTrends Enterprise. W.I.N. partners assist their customers by defining and measuring web site goals and metrics, and assisting in the ongoing improvement of some of the world's leading web sites. Future Now, Inc. is based in Brooklyn, New York and was founded in 1998 with the sole purpose of helping clients increase their conversion rates.

"By first analyzing and improving the lead generation effectiveness of the Volvo CE web sites, the Volvo Group was able to prove that WebTrends web analytics could help drive dramatic improvements to its web business channel and achieve quick ROI," said Greg Drew, senior vice president and general manager of the WebTrends business unit at NetIQ. "With the insight that WebTrends Enterprise provides through capabilities such as detailed scenario analysis and sophisticated segmentation, combined with the conversion expertise of Future Now, the Volvo Group is armed to better understand customer preferences and improve their bottom line across all web initiatives.

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