January 13, 2004

PersonalCreations.com Boosts Online Sales Over 30 Percent with WebTrends Reporting Service

Top Personalized Gifts Retailer Leverages WebTrends Solution to Optimize Navigation Scenarios and Increase Visitor-to-Customer Conversions

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NetIQ Corporation (Nasdaq: NTIQ), a leading provider of Systems & Security Management and Web Analytics solutions, today at the Shop.org online retailer forum announced that WebTrends® Reporting Service contributed to an overall increase in online sales of over 30 percent for PersonalCreations.com. Personalcreations.com is the online channel of Personal Creations, the top provider of personalized gifts in the United States and one of the Top 50 retail sites for 2004, according to Internet Retailer Magazine. Since leveraging the insight from the WebTrends® Web analytics service, PersonalCreations.com has grown its contribution to overall company revenues from 35 percent to over 45 percent.

Personal Creations receives more than 4.5 million visitors to its site each year, and online sales continue to grow at a fast pace. To take advantage of the increased traffic, the company required a Web site that would encourage more visitors to click deeper through the site and more shoppers to complete the purchases they begin. To accomplish these goals, the company needed the ability to quickly and easily analyze how visitors were navigating through the site to determine exactly where drop-offs occurred so more conversions to sales could be achieved.

“We revamped our visitor navigation and overall site design to address the browsing behavior that the WebTrends solution revealed,” said Geoff Smith, president of e-commerce and business development for PersonalCreations.com. “We analyzed the visitor behavior patterns after the redesign to measure the effectiveness of our changes. As a result, conversion rates of visitors to customers have increased 30 percent since the new site launched — and the redesigned site achieved a 33 percent decrease in single-page visits.” Smith added, “Insight from the WebTrends service now drives all of my merchandising decisions — from what to promote on the site, to how to rank products, to what to feature in affiliate newsletters.”

Personal Creations started using WebTrends solutions as a result of working with WebTrends® Insight Network (W.I.N.) member, Fry, Inc. NetIQ launched W.I.N. in order to help leading Web design and development firms like Fry best leverage Web analytics solutions within their consulting practices. W.I.N. members assist their customers by defining and measuring Web site goals and metrics, providing a range of services, such as strategic Web site design and assisting in the ongoing improvement and measurement of the world’s leading Web sites. Fry, Inc., a leading e-commerce design, development and managed services provider in its tenth year, offers WebTrends Reporting Service directly to its clients.

“Personal Creations has enjoyed dramatic improvements to its online business. Much of this success is due to having a detailed understanding of visitor navigation patterns through the use of WebTrends Reporting Service,” said Jason Palmer, vice president of WebTrends Products at NetIQ. “With WebTrends Reporting Service, online merchants like Personal Creations can focus on their critical metrics so they can make smarter business decisions, increase sales and acquire and retain more customers.”

For more information about the WebTrends Insight Network, visit http://www.netiq.com/go/winpartners.

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