July 14, 2004

NetIQ Ships AppManager 6.0

Core Foundation of AppManager Suite Delivers IT Value As Part of NetIQ’s Service Management Offering

Press Release

SAN JOSE, Calif.

NetIQ Corp. (Nasdaq: NTIQ), a leading provider of Systems & Security Management and Web Analytics solutions, today announced the general availability of AppManager® 6.0, the core foundation of the NetIQ® AppManager Suite. The award-winning systems management solution for automating the service management lifecycle, AppManager Suite enables IT organizations to meet service level commitments and enhance operational efficiencies.

AppManager 6.0 provides the broadest and deepest management for Windows-, UNIX- and Linux-based distributed IT infrastructure. This latest version delivers significant enhancements for increased scalability, security and ease of use for managing enterprise-wide environments as well as an expanded catalog of best practices for diagnosing problems and taking corrective actions.

The following new capabilities in AppManager 6.0 enable IT administrators to monitor and manage their systems more efficiently:

  • Expanded platform support to include SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 8.2, Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS 3.0 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES 3.0
  • Improved performance and scalability to manage twice the number of servers providing immediate cost savings and better manageability of the infrastructure
  • Enhanced levels of security providing improved password support, better authentication and more flexibility in the definition of access roles
  • Voice over IP (VoIP) management for Cisco Systems and Nortel Networks devices to provide an integrated view of the converged voice and data networks and applications
  • Expanded Knowledge Scripts® which are pre-defined management functions, to allow for easier set-up and configuration
  • Enhanced language support for Chinese and Korean locales

AppManager Suite Delivers Service Management

AppManager Suite provides proactive monitoring of service level metrics, problem diagnostics and resolution, advanced reporting and analysis as well as automation of administrative functions. In addition to AppManager 6.0, products in AppManager Suite include:

  • AppManager Control Center 1.0 allows management of multiple AppManager installations via a single enterprise console. Its Service Map Viewer provides a visual representation of how various IT elements are interrelated to deliver a business service. By presenting a graphical view and allowing detailed views of managed elements, IT administrators can quickly identify the root cause of service exceptions and prioritize the most serious issues thereby enabling the greatest level of uptime and stability of mission-critical applications.
  • AppManager Diagnostic Console 2.0 enables remote real-time diagnosis of problems in Windows, Exchange and Active Directory. It collects diagnostic data from several sources and presents information in a single view allowing for rapid problem resolution.
  • AppManager Analysis Center 1.5 provides enterprise data warehousing, service-level compliance reporting and analysis for gaining deep insight into the overall health, performance and availability of systems and applications.

“IT organizations need to manage complex collections of IT elements—such as servers, operating systems and applications—as complete business services. They are being asked to align the delivery of IT services more closely with the needs of the business groups that use them,” said David Pann, vice president of product management and product marketing in the Systems Management Group at NetIQ. “With the AppManager Suite and the new capabilities in AppManager 6.0, NetIQ customers can now deliver the critical IT services to those who need them efficiently and cost-effectively.”

Customers and Channel Partners Attest to Enhanced Scalability, Security and Ease of Use

More than 300 enterprise customers and NetIQ channel partners participated in the AppManager 6.0 beta program. Data Return, Northern Natural Gas (NNG), John MacLeod Consulting, Maryville Technologies and NLighten are a few of the beta customers that can attest to the enhanced scalability, improved security and ease of use that AppManager 6.0 provides.

Data Return, a leading tier-one provider of complex managed hosting, relies in part on AppManager to manage its internal IT infrastructure and to support its customers across a heterogeneous mix of Windows, UNIX and Linux platforms. “At Data Return, we do a high volume of server set-ups daily. Using AppManager, along with our own internal tools, we have developed highly-customized standard monitoring packages that we can leverage to get our customers’ systems up and running quickly,” said Robin Williams, manager of operational support services at Data Return. “AppManager 6.0 will enable us to decrease our management infrastructure while increasing the breadth and depth of our monitoring services. With the new AppManager Control Center, we can manage our large environment from a single console. We look forward to upgrading to AppManager 6.0.”

NNG, which operates an interstate natural gas pipeline extending from the Permian Basin in Texas to the upper Midwest, is using AppManager to manage its Windows environment consisting of more than 300 servers running Microsoft SQL Server, Exchange, IIS and custom applications. “The enhanced security and reporting features of AppManager 6.0 will make my job a lot easier,” said Brandon Estes, senior network services data engineer at NNG. “In addition to providing improved control and access to data, AppManager 6.0 will allow us to generate compelling reports that demonstrate to management that we are meeting our service level commitments.”

“AppManager 6.0 is ideal for enterprises that have thousands of servers in a distributed environment,” said John MacLeod, a consultant who has helped global financial and pharmaceutical companies deploy systems management tools. “The ability to manage large configurations from a single console will allow my clients to better deliver on their service level commitments.”

Peter Lundsgaarde, a systems engineer at Maryville Technologies, a leading systems integrator and experienced AppManager Suite reseller, sees demand for a comprehensive solution for managing systems and applications to meet service level commitments. “The growing library of Knowledge Scripts in AppManager 6.0 extends the inherent capability of the product reducing the need for customizations,” said Lundsgaarde. “In addition, the performance and scalability enhancements further simplify the deployments of AppManager 6.0 in mid- to large-size organizations.”

“Our customers continue to have increasing pressure to manage their service levels as their infrastructures become more complex,” said John McMains, director of technical services at NLighten, Inc., a technology provider of secure data, video and voice solutions. “AppManager 6.0 enables IT to manage the service levels of even the most advanced environments—those converging voice, video and data—and do so more quickly and easily than many competing solutions.”

Pricing and Availability

AppManager 6.0 is shipping now and is priced on a per-managed server and application basis starting at $600. AppManager Control Center 1.0 and AppManager Diagnostic Console 2.0 with support for Active Directory are expected to be generally available later this quarter. AppManager Analysis Center 1.5 is currently shipping and is priced at $150 per server.

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