November 8, 2004

NetIQ Previews New Access, Change Control Features to Help Windows Administrators Comply with Legal, Corporate Policies

Survey shows primary objective in meeting compliance is knowing who has access, limiting access to Active Directory

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Faced with increased regulatory and compliance requirements, more than 70 percent of Windows administrators in the government, education and financial industries ranked the ability to determine and limit end user access rights to Active Directory data as their highest priority when working to comply with regulations.

That's according to a survey of more than 100 companies conducted in September 2004 by NetIQ Corp. (Nasdaq: NTIQ), a leading provider of Systems & Security Management and Web Analytics solutions.

In response to those market needs, NetIQ today announced the upcoming release of NetIQ Group Policy Administrator™, Directory and Resource Administrator™ and IQ Extend™ for Account Provisioning, a new module of Directory and Resource Administrator. The new versions will help companies comply with regulatory standards and increase the security of their Active Directory deployment. The announcement was made at the CSI Conference and Expo in Washington, D.C., where NetIQ is previewing these products in booth number 107.

"When complying with legal regulations, companies must show that they can control access to critical data including financial information," said Jim McGrath, senior director of Security Management and Administration Products at NetIQ. "We make it easy to show an auditor who has access to what information and show that policies that were put into place six months ago are still in place today. No other company provides the level of visibility into Active Directory that NetIQ offers."

The new versions of NetIQ Group Policy Administrator and Directory and Resource Administrator include the following features and benefits:

  • NetIQ Group Policy Administrator 4.5 - Enables customers to demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements through extensive analysis and reporting on Group Policy settings and changes.
    • Point-in-time analysis - Provides reporting capabilities that enable users to identify changes to Group Policy settings over a specified time period.
    • Enterprise consistency checks - Simplifies and automates the management of Group Policy settings by ensuring that policy changes are replicated throughout the enterprise.
    • Embedded Group Policy Object (GPO) knowledge - Includes description of GPO settings as html links in reports, providing administrators with the ability to communicate GPO changes to both the Group Policy team and executive management.
  • Directory and Resource Administrator 7.5 - Provides advanced delegation and powerful, policy-based administration capabilities that improve the security and efficiency of Microsoft Windows environments and can assist in meeting regulatory compliance requirements.
    • Transform User -Automates user role changes and protects against access right accretion, addressing security and compliance requirements.
    • IQ Extend for Account Provisioning - Provides automated, policy-based Active Directory user account creation based upon user information in HR databases which accelerates the new account creation process, reduces user downtime, and prevents costly errors.

According to IDC *, a leading provider of global IT research & advice, up to 60 percent of user accounts at many firms should be deactivated because they are obsolete and violate many regulatory standards that require control over user access rights. IDC said long-time employees may acquire increased access or privileges as they move from position to position, but access is rarely reduced also leaving a company open to a violation.

"By deploying a solution to manage user access across platforms and applications, companies are able to quickly enable and disable application access, ensure regulatory compliance, and improve employee convenience," said Chris Christiansen, IDC program vice president, Security Products and Services.

Pricing and Availability

NetIQ Group Policy Administrator and Directory and Resource Administrator will be available this quarter. Pricing for NetIQ Group Policy Administrator will start at $9 per user and pricing for Directory and Resource Administrator will start at $16 per user.

For more information about NetIQ Group Policy Administrator and Directory and Resource Administrator, please contact your local NetIQ sales representative or call NetIQ at (888) 323-6768.

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