July 19, 2004

NetIQ Marshal Content Security Solutions Protect Company Mail Systems and Reduce Security Exposures

Products Include New End-User E-mail Management, Spam Classifications

Press Release

SAN JOSE, Calif.

NetIQ Corp. (Nasdaq: NTIQ), a leading provider of Systems & Security Management and Web Analytics solutions, today announced new Marshal™ Content Security solutions as a key component to its Security Management Suite, one of the first solutions to provide customers with agile security management.

NetIQ's Marshal Content Security solutions include NetIQ® MailMarshal™ SMTP 6.0, NetIQ® MailMarshal™ 5.1 for Exchange and NetIQ® WebMarshal™ 3.5. The products provide agile IT security management by delivering enterprise-wide anti-spam and anti-virus perimeter protection, enforcement of acceptable use policies and the ability to help meet legal and industry compliance standards such as HIPAA. Companies are able to maximize staff productivity, minimize network downtime, protect company assets from loss or misuse and reduce security exposure due to unwanted e-mail or dangerous downloads.

According to META Group*, a leading provider of IT research, advisory services and strategic consulting, the top five concerns of e-mail managers in 2004 include spam, storage, end-user inbox overload, legal and regulatory compliance and perimeter security and message hygiene.

"Organizations need to focus a great deal of attention on the security and stability of their e-mail infrastructure as the threat from viruses, denial of service attacks worsen and regulatory compliance becomes a larger concern," said Matt Cain, senior vice president at META Group. "Spam, of course, is a piece of the problem and companies should now expect to block a minimum of 90 percent of inbound spam with a maximum false positive rate of 1 in 10,000. Organizations need a sustained approach to mail management and hygiene that includes intrusion protection and fraud protection."

Pioneer America, a NetIQ Marshal solutions customer and a client of Messaging Solutions LLC, began using the product to not only reduce the amount of spam they received, but also to increase the security of e-mail coming into the network.

"We installed NetIQ MailMarshal several years ago to deal with our spam problem, which at the time was about 10 to 15 unwanted e-mails per inbox per day. We also licensed the product for advanced attachment filtering which complemented our anti-virus filter helping to keep out malicious attachments," said David Massey, infrastructure manager at Pioneer Americas LLC, a leading producer and marketer of chlor-alkali products. "Now with more than 500 users, NetIQ MailMarshal effectively filters out more than 80 percent of our 200,000 e-mails per month as spam or unwanted e-mail saving Pioneer both time and money."

NetIQ's Marshal Content Security solutions include the following new features and improvements:

NEW - NetIQ MailMarshal SMTP 6.0— NetIQ MailMarshal SMTP 6.0 delivers an enterprise scalable, fully integrated and managed e-mail content security solution for spam detection, virus protection, heuristic lexical (text) analysis and bandwidth management. Also, NetIQ MailMarshal regularly achieves spam blocking rates of 95 percent and false positive rates of less than 0.1 percent. New features in this version include:

  • Advanced spam management—This feature effectively removes the cost and overhead associated with spam while accommodating the unique preferences of thousands of individual users. Users receive a scheduled e-mail summary report of blocked e-mail and can also access their blocked e-mail via an intuitive and individualized web management console where they take various actions. Both options allow users to manage their e-mail.
  • Spam classifications—Users can categorize spam according to confidence enabling organizations to apply different policies to different types of spam, i.e. explicit or highly offensive spam, suspect spam or questionable e-mail.
  • Native integration with Active Directory—Administrators can now apply policy by selecting groups directly from within Active Directory, with changes reflected immediately.
  • Web-console—Organizations can now administer the entire NetIQ MailMarshal environment locally or remotely through the new web-based management console.

NEW - NetIQ MailMarshal 5.1 for Exchange—NetIQ MailMarshal 5.1 for Exchange provides a checkpoint for internal e-mail account monitoring.

  • New anti-spam capability—NetIQ MailMarshal 5.1 for Exchange now utilizes the same advanced spam detection engine featured in NetIQ MailMarshal SMTP 6.0 called SpamCensor. This enhancement makes MailMarshal for Exchange one of the only e-mail filtering solutions for internal e-mail to offer advanced capabilities such as a multi-faceted message analysis tool.

NetIQ WebMarshal 3.5—NetIQ WebMarshal 3.5 enables companies to eliminate unproductive browsing by allowing users to only view approved sites while blocking offensive content and dangerous viruses.

NetIQ's Marshal Content Security solutions provide both benefit to channel partners in terms of increased business opportunity and to end users in terms of increased web and e-mail security.

"Companies are realizing that content security is critical to business and that they need a solution to guard Web and e-mail resources on top of traditional anti-virus filters," said Robert DeMond, president of Messaging Solutions LLC, a NetIQ Premier Reseller. "NetIQ's solid products in addition to the support and technical training we receive from NetIQ helps us meet the content security needs of our customers, such as Pioneer America."

Pricing and Availability

NetIQ MailMarshal SMTP 6.0 and NetIQ MailMarshal 5.1 for Exchange are available today and pricing for each product starts at $2,160 for 100 users.

For more information about NetIQ’s Marshal Content Security solutions, please contact your local NetIQ sales representative or call NetIQ at (888) 323-6768.

About NetIQ's Security Management Suite

NetIQ's Security Management Suite represents the only integrated, closed-loop approach to managing enterprise security. The Suite is one of the first solutions to provide customers with agile security management: the ability to proactively identify, reduce and respond to critical internal and external vulnerabilities and security threats within the IT infrastructure, while enabling compliance with both internal corporate policies and government regulatory statutes, including Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA. NetIQ’s Security Management Suite is comprised of NetIQ Security Manager, NetIQ Vulnerability Manager, NetIQ Patch Manager, NetIQ MailMarshal SMTP, NetIQ MailMarshal for Exchange and NetIQ WebMarshal.

About NetIQ

NetIQ Corp. (Nasdaq: NTIQ) is a leading provider of Systems & Security Management and Web Analytics solutions. Historically focused on managing Windows-based applications, NetIQ now delivers cross-platform solutions that enhance business performance resulting in higher returns on infrastructure and web investments. NetIQ products are sold across all continents directly and through a network of authorized NetIQ partners and resellers. The company is headquartered in San Jose, Calif., with development and operational personnel in Houston, Texas; Portland, Ore; Raleigh, N.C.; Bellevue, Wash. and Galway, Ireland. For more information, please visit the company’s web site at www.netiq.com or call (888) 323-6768.

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