July 9, 2003

NetIQ AppManager Suite Helps U.S. Army Easily Manage Web-based Personnel Records System With More Than 500,000 Users and 135 Million Document Pages

NetIQ Selected for Its Ability to Manage Large Scale, Multi-Tiered, Mixed Environment With Automated Management Capabilities

Press Release

SAN JOSE, Calif.

NetIQ Corp. (Nasdaq: NTIQ), a leading provider of Systems & Security Management and Web Analytics solutions, today announced that the United States Army is successfully operating a Web-based personnel records system, comprising more than 135 million document pages, using NetIQ® AppManager® Suite.

The U.S Army’s Personnel Electronic Record Management System (PERMS) team has rolled out an unprecedented Web capability called Official Military Personnel File (OMPF) Online to enable the quick and reliable retrieval of records for hundreds of thousands of Active, Reserve and National Guard soldiers. OMPF Online utilizes software that includes Java and other applications running on BEA WebLogic application server software, UNIX systems from Sun and IBM, Oracle databases and several Windows-based services such as Microsoft Exchange.

System architects recognized early in the planning process that transitioning such a large volume of records to the Internet would require a systems management solution to help ensure the performance and availability of the OMPF Online. The PERMS team selected AppManager because of its ability to manage a large scale, multi-tiered, mixed environment with automated management capabilities that enabled them to avoid hiring additional staff engineers.

As the program scaled from 600 to more than 500,000 users, AppManager saved the PERMS managers significant time by diagnosing and resolving problems as well as forecasting increases in usage based on activity and growth analysis reporting.

"NetIQ's AppManager Suite is critical to helping us manage fast and efficient access to millions of documents for Army personnel," said Jim Riggs, program director of the U.S. Army Personnel Electronic Record Management System. "We've used it to lend credibility to our system architecture, validate our design, maintain the integrity of our systems and supply the metrics for projecting and planning for future growth."

For more than a decade, the U.S. Army has been in the process of moving its personnel records from paper and microfiche to electronic format. The overall project has a goal of storing, safeguarding and improving the management of its electronic personnel records. Personnel records are crucial to the career advancement and morale of those in the military. For example, selection boards use these records to determine a soldier's qualifications for advancement in rank. Individuals in the Army can now check their records online and request updates and corrections electronically.

"Once you introduce an Internet service, you can't close the door," Riggs said. "Your customer base only keeps growing. We've been able to keep pace with the demands on our system — up to 300 hits per second per server — and have made a quantum leap in handling the records needs of our Army personnel around the world."

About NetIQ AppManager Suite

NetIQ AppManager Suite assures the performance and availability of mission-critical servers and applications across Windows, UNIX and Linux platforms through proactive monitoring and quick diagnostics and recovery. It also helps optimize the utilization and productivity of IT resources through advanced reporting, analysis and automation. In addition to delivering the broadest and deepest management view into the IT infrastructure, AppManager provides a robust architecture that is easy to use, quick to deploy and capable of scaling to thousands of servers.

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