January 28, 2003

NetIQ Announces WebTrends Reporting Series 6.0 to Deliver Actionable Web Analytics as Both Software and Outsourced Services

SmartSource Data Management Offers Easy Migration Between Software and Services; Also Improves Data Accuracy and Simplifies Data Management

Press Release

SAN JOSE, Calif.

NetIQ Corp. (Nasdaq: NTIQ), a leading provider of Systems Management, Security Management and Web Analytics solutions, today announced WebTrends® Reporting Series 6.0, which includes WebTrends® Reporting Service 6.0, the next generation of the WebTrends® Live outsourced service; and WebTrends® Reporting Center 6.0, a new version of the WebTrends flagship software product. This new series of products is the first to offer customers flexible and comprehensive Web analytics available as both software and outsourced services, with the ability for customers to easily migrate from one to the other as their needs change.

The foundation of WebTrends Reporting Series 6.0 is SmartSource™ Data Management, an innovative client-side data collection approach. Although client-side data collection has been previously available in outsourced solutions or as an add-on software package provided by NetIQ, this release marks the first time that a Web analytics software package includes client-side data collection as a standard feature in addition to traditional log files, providing customers a choice in data collection or the option to leverage a combination of both. Customers who prefer software can now collect Web visitor data in a streamlined, single source for increased data accuracy and easier data management. Also, SmartSource Data Management is unique to other client-side data collection approaches due to its enhanced privacy management via flexible cookie options, as well as its fast and reliable implementation via the WebTrends® Developer Kit.

"WebTrends solutions from NetIQ lead the market in Web analysis revenues, and with this release offers the customizability of their software in an outsourced service," said Bob Blumstein, Research Director, IDC. "By creating a unified architecture so customers can easily migrate across software and services, NetIQ reinforces its market position."

All of the Flexibility and Power of Software Available as an Outsourced Service WebTrends Reporting Service 6.0 marks the first time that an outsourced solution is available with the flexibility and robust functionality of a software product. WebTrends Reporting Service 6.0 includes all of the advancements of WebTrends Reporting Center, including actionable insight to more effectively acquire, convert and retain Web visitors for the lowest cost. Also included are custom templates and dashboards—presenting the most relevant reports in a single view—as well as custom reports to answer virtually any question about Web visitor activity, giving users of the outsourced service more insight and flexibility without the costly consulting requirements of other outsourced solutions. Both WebTrends Reporting Center 6.0 and WebTrends Reporting Service 6.0 also include new features such as Segmentation Analysis, enabling customers to compare the effectiveness of their loyalty campaigns with key metrics including Visit Recency, Visit Frequency, and Lifetime Value. Segmentation Analysis gives customers the ability to segment their most valuable visitors to encourage repeat business, and determine the most effective ways to retain visitors and customers.

"Outsourced services, or ASPs, are excellent solutions for companies who need Web analysis, but do not want to manage software in-house. However, most lack the reporting depth and built-in customization found in a software package, and additional reports can cost thousands of dollars," said Dan Meub, senior vice president, WebTrends Business Unit of NetIQ Corporation. "With WebTrends Reporting Series 6.0, we have taken the best of our flagship software technology and merged it with the convenience of an ASP to provide the best of both worlds for our customers."

Pricing and Availability

WebTrends Reporting Series 6.0 is available in two editions: eBusiness and Enterprise.

  • WebTrends Reporting Center 6.0 is available today. Pricing for the eBusiness Edition starts at $3,500 and the Enterprise Edition starts at $10,500.
  • WebTrends Reporting Service 6.0 will be available in February. Pricing for the eBusiness Edition starts at $35 per month and the Enterprise Edition starts at $1000 per month.

For more information about WebTrends Reporting Series, visit http://www.netiq.com/go/genius/ or call 888-932-8736.

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