February 5, 2003

NetIQ Announces WebTrends Insight Network To Help Customers Optimize Strategic Web Initiatives Using Web Analytics

WebTrends Insight Network Increases Business Opportunities for Interactive Agencies and Web Analytics Consulting Firms

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NetIQ Corporation (Nasdaq: NTIQ), a leading provider of Systems Management, Security Management and Web Analytics solutions, today announced the WebTrends® Insight Network (W.I.N.), a group of interactive agencies and Web analytics consulting firms worldwide that provides organizations with best practices and methodologies using WebTrends Web analytics to help customers meet business objectives for their online initiatives.

The W.I.N. creates additional revenue and market share opportunities for member interactive agencies and Web analytics consulting firms that are interested in expanding their expertise in Web analytics and providing Web analytics software and service offerings. NetIQ provides W.I.N. members with certified professional training, support and additional marketing resources. NetIQ will also provide the opportunity to coordinate with the NetIQ sales team during member customer engagements.

W.I.N. members assist their customers by defining and measuring Web site goals and metrics, providing a range of services, such as strategic Web site design and assisting in the ongoing improvement and measurement of the world's leading Web sites. Customers of W.I.N. members benefit by having experts analyze their Web initiatives to drive strategic recommendations, so customers can more effectively achieve their goals, such as acquiring more visitors, converting more visitors into customers and finally, retaining customers by encouraging repeat business.

"On the heels of our successful launch of WebTrends Reporting Series 6.0, we're excited to announce a broad-reaching network of Web analytics experts prepared to assist customers optimize their Web initiatives through leveraging the newest WebTrends products and services," said Dan Meub, senior vice president and general manager of the Web Analytics Business Unit at NetIQ. "Armed with the rich insight from WebTrends Web analytics, W.I.N. members are able to effectively help their customers acquire, convert and retain Web visitors."

ZAAZ, a leading Web consultancy in the Northwest, puts WebTrends Web analytics at the heart of its value-based methodology. "For one major technology solutions provider, basing our redesign on WebTrends data analysis paid measurable dividends almost overnight," says Jason Burby, director of Web analytics at ZAAZ. "Thirty days after the new site launched, the percentage of site visitors registering as leads was up 49 percent and specific targeted product leads were up as much as 132 percent, yet page views per visitor decreased by 11 percent. That tells us site visitors are finding the right product faster. WebTrends products pointed us to the inefficiencies in the prior site and helped us map faster, more effective customer experiences. Being able to quantify the gains from Web site redesigns gives ZAAZ a vital competitive edge in the Web services field."

WebTrends Insight Network Charter Members

  • Bay Dynamics, www.baydynamics.com, a leading San Francisco technology consultancy, helps clients integrate business systems, analyze corporate data, and build custom Web-based solutions.
  • Fry Inc., www.fry.com, does everything it takes to help organizations conduct business transactions, disseminate information and build customer relationships electronically. Fry designs, develops, builds, and hosts Web-based applications, providing clients with business solutions that drive results. Fry has offices located in Ann Arbor, MI, Chicago, IL and New York, NY.
  • Authors of the "Marketer's Common Sense Guide to E-Metrics", Future Now, Inc., www.futurenowinc.com, has maintained its unique focus on Persuasive Architecture and increasing online conversion rates since 1998. Future Now, Inc. is located in Brooklyn, NY.
  • respond360, www.respond360.com , located in Milwaukee, Wis., delivers interactive marketing solutions that are based on an in-depth understanding of consumer behavior.
  • Technology Leaders, www.technologyleaders.com, leverages Web analytics to optimize Web site ROI. Using market-leading Web analytics tools, the company measures site activity, improves sites based on quantitative information and then validates improvement through a program of continuing measurement and insight. Technology Leaders is located in New York, NY.
  • ZAAZ, www.zaaz.com, is a Seattle-based Web design and technology consultancy serving a nationwide client base. ZAAZ also has offices in Portland, Ore.

WebTrends Insight Network Program Availability

The WebTrends Insight Network is limited to interactive agencies and Web analytics consulting firms trained by NetIQ. Customers interested in working with a WebTrends Insight Network member can visit the following Web site for more information:http://www.netiq.com/partners/technology/win.asp

About WebTrends

As the market leader for Web analytics, WebTrends solutions from NetIQ provide timely answers enabling customers to improve their return on investment from Web-based initiatives. More than half of the Fortune and Global 500 companies rely on WebTrends solutions for accurate and actionable insight into Web site activity and Web visitor behavior. WebTrends solutions offer multiple levels of insight to seamlessly accommodate increasing customer requirements, and it currently is the only line of Web analytics products that offers the choice of licensed software or outsourced services.

About NetIQ

NetIQ Corporation (Nasdaq: NTIQ) is a leading provider of e-business infrastructure management and intelligence for all the components of an organization's e-business infrastructure - from back-end servers, networks and directories to front-end Web servers and applications. The company is headquartered in San Jose, Calif., with development and operational personnel in Houston, Texas, Raleigh, N.C., Bellevue, Wash., and Portland, Ore. For more information, please visit NetIQ's Web site at or call (408) 856-3000. For more information about WebTrends Web analytics products from NetIQ, please visit www.Webtrends.com or call 888-932-8736.

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