February 5, 2002

WebTrends Intelligence Suite Provides Most Complete View of Web Customer Activity to Measure and Maximize ROI

NetIQ Also Introduces Rand Schulman, Former Founder and CEO of Keylime Software, to Lead Product Strategy for NetIQ's WebTrends Solutions

Press Release


At NetConnect 2002, NetIQ's User Conference, NetIQ Corp. (NTIQ) today announced the availability of WebTrends Intelligence Suite, offering a comprehensive set of reporting and analytics. WebTrends Intelligence Suite, formerly CommerceTrends, provides the ability to analyze and report on Web customer data at both an anonymous and individual level, and offers the ability to integrate with customer and sales information. Going beyond traditional Web traffic reporting, WebTrends Intelligence Suite includes the sophistication and flexibility of a scalable data warehouse to enable e-businesses to efficiently transform, process, and store every detail of customer activity for advanced analysis.

IDC projects the Web analytics market to continue to grow at a 32% average annual growth rate through 2005. Analyst Dan Vesset adds, "To address the varying needs of Web analytics customers, IDC would recommend offering a broad product suite, which would allow for taking advantage of opportunities both at the high and low end of the market. NetIQ's WebTrends is unique in the breadth of its product line."

By including a range of multi-dimensional analysis and reporting technologies using industry standard applications, WebTrends Intelligence Suite has the power to maximize and improve the return on investment (ROI) by measuring user experience, marketing effectiveness, e-commerce performance and customer self-service effectiveness. New WebTrends Intelligence Suite features include:

  • Improved Scalability: WebTrends Intelligence Suite processes Web data up to five times faster than the previous version of CommerceTrends. Hundred's of gigabytes of log data can be processed and analyzed daily, addressing the scalability requirements of the largest enterprise organizations.
  • WebTrends Report Designer: Based on the industry leading Crystal Decisions' reporting, analysis and information delivery system, the WebTrends Report Designer enables marketing, service and support professionals to create highly customized reports against the WebTrends Warehouse. Unique trending reports allow Web activity information to be compared across time periods.
  • New Integration Tables: New pre-designed tables in the WebTrends Warehouse improve the facilitation of data integration with other customer contact-oriented applications, such as the Siebel Call Center. Sales and marketing managers can use these tables to create more targeted e-mail campaigns, while service and support managers can correlate Web-based knowledge base activity with calls into the call center.

"Using WebTrends Intelligence Suite we have the ability to manage and measure all of our e-business activities with one centralized Web data warehouse, providing us very detailed analytics on Web site customer behavior," said Rodney Howeedy, Director of Database Management, FirstDoor. "Because of all of our e-business requirements, we thought we would have to create a data warehouse from scratch. However, because the WebTrends Warehouse provides us with a complete solution that is open, extensible and reliable, we were able to use existing WebTrends technology."

WebTrends Intelligence Suite

WebTrends Intelligence Suite provides the tools required to gain a high level of insight into Web customer data to help maximize and improve ROI. WebTrends Intelligence Suite includes five core components:

  • WebTrends Warehouse is a scalable Web data warehouse offering the ability to efficiently transform, process and store every detail of visitor activity for advanced analysis. The Warehouse runs on leading database platforms such as Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle.
  • WebTrends for Content Management Systems incorporates data from dynamic content sites, such as Vignette, BroadVision and Macromedia into the WebTrends Warehouse.
  • WebTrends Reporting Center offers more than 350 pre-defined, easy-to understand reports to get business, Web, and technical managers up and running quickly with minimal effort.
  • WebTrends Report Designer goes beyond pre-defined reporting and provides the ability to design custom reports, trend analyses and comparative reports for enhanced sophistication in the analysis of an organization's customer interactions and e-business performance.
  • WebTrends OLAP Manager provides the most powerful analysis capabilities within WebTrends Intelligence Suite, offering over 40 multi-dimensional models to jump-start pattern analysis on customer abandonment, attrition, loyalty or conversion. WebTrends OLAP Manager integrates with industry-leading OLAP solutions from ProClarity and Hyperion.

New WebTrends Product Leadership

Rand Schulman, 20-year software industry veteran and former founder and CEO of ASP Web analytics company, Keylime Software, has joined NetIQ to lead the Web analytics product management group, guiding the strategy and direction for WebTrends products. Schulman comes to NetIQ with valuable experience in shaping dynamic technology companies, such as Island Graphics-Dainippon Screen and Vizy Interactive.

"In today's economy, customers are demanding to know the value that their Web site returns to the organizations' bottom line. They also need to get up and running faster - rather than spending months and months in the implementation stage," said Schulman, senior director of WebTrends product management at NetIQ. "I'm excited to be joining a team that delivers on those requirements by providing customers with an all-in-one suite of web customer analysis capabilities that truly measure and maximize ROI of an e-business."

Pricing and Availability

WebTrends Intelligence Suite is available today by contacting 1-888-WEBTRENDS. Combining the ultimate in reporting and analysis in one complete solution, WebTrends Intelligence Suite starts at USD $30,000. For more information about WebTrends Intelligence Suite, visit http://www.webtrends.com/products/wis/default.htm.

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