January 15, 2002

Preliminary Results of PentaSafe’s Security Awareness Index Find Most Employees Score a “D” on Proper Security Behavior

With early results now compiled, free online benchmarking tool to measure organization’s security awareness available to survey participants

Press Release

Houston, Texas

 PentaSafe Security Technologies Inc. today announced that nearly 600 companies and 1,000 individual employees worldwide have taken a free online security assessment survey to help benchmark their organization’s security awareness. Results from all respondents indicate that all employees score only a “D” or unsatisfactory grade when it comes to appropriate security awareness and behavior.

“The survey results so far reveal a serious security knowledge gap among the vast majority of employees,” according to Todd Tucker, author of the survey and chief security architect for PentaSafe Security Technologies. “It suggests management has to improve its efforts to educate employees and others on how to improve information security and protect their companies against cyber terrorism and other threats.”

Called the Security Awareness Index (SAI), the survey was developed by PentaSafe Security Technologies, Inc., a Houston-based provider of information security infrastructure software, and is co-sponsored by Computerworld magazine in North America, and Computing magazine in Europe. The survey is available free of charge online at www.humanfirewall.org as part of a security awareness education campaign that assures results will be kept strictly confidential according to the site’s privacy policy. The first full report on the Security Awareness Index will be announced and published in February 2002, and will be available for purchase online at www.pentasafe.com.

Divided into two parts, the Security Awareness Index first asks chief security officers a series of questions that help determine how companies rank in implementing policies and procedures for making employees and others aware of appropriate security behavior. The SAI provides security officers with a quick benchmark on how well their companies are using industry “best practices” for educating employees on proper security processes.

The second part of the SAI enables chief security officers to test their company employees’ actual security knowledge and awareness level by emailing an individual survey to up to any number of employees. Responses are then compiled to produce a Security Awareness Index score that measures security awareness among the employees of their particular organizations compared with others in the same industry as well as all respondents. “While there has been a lot of talk about what organizations must do to guard against the threat of information security breaches, this new security awareness survey available free online gives companies a practical first step to gauge how well their employees understand and follow existing security policies and procedures,” according to Tucker.

The goal of the SAI, Tucker emphasized, is to give corporate security officers a benchmark measure of their own success or failure in making workers aware of what they must do to safeguard information assets and data. They can then spot weaknesses and hopefully develop programs or initiatives to help fill in gaps in knowing what procedures to follow.

About PentaSafe Security Technologies, Inc.

PentaSafe Security Technologies Inc. enables companies to safely grow their businesses by providing a complete security infrastructure solution that includes people, policy and technology. PentaSafe’s solutions help educate people in an organization to comply with information security policies and integrates each policy with best of breed security technology -- all designed to ensure maximum protection of information assets throughout the enterprise. PentaSafe has more than 1,200 customers worldwide, including one-third of the Fortune 100 and 4 of the “Big 5” auditing firms. For more information, visit www.pentasafe.com.

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