March 18, 2002

PentaSafe Introduces Self-Service Password and User Management Solution

VigilEnt User Manager v1.0 eases password management duties for help desk, cuts support costs, and bolsters security across the enterprise

Press Release


PentaSafe Security Technologies Inc., a leading enterprise security and policy management provider, today introduced the release of VigilEnt User Manager – Password Management, a security-rich solution for enterprise user account and self-service password management. The latest addition to PentaSafe´s VigilEnt product suite reduces IT support costs and employee downtime while enforcing corporate password policies across the enterprise.

Virtually every company uses passwords in some form to help keep corporate IT assets secure. Unfortunately, end users who write the passwords on post-it notes, create easily cracked passwords, or reveal them to co-workers often compromise password integrity and security. Furthermore, passwords are quickly becoming and expensive burden for many companies to maintain and manage. According to Gartner, Inc., 30% of help desk call volume is attributed to password management requests from end users, which translates into a significant increase in help desk support costs and a decrease in employee productivity.

"There has been an explosion in the number of IDs and passwords that users need to remember," said Roberta Witty, research director at Gartner, Inc.. "Help desks are increasingly burdened by password management requests, which drain an already limited resource. By automating password management to be a self-service process, enterprises can redeploy help desk resources to more business-critical activities."

VigilEnt User Manager – Password Management

VigilEnt User Manager addresses password management challenges with a centralized Web-based solution for end users, help desk and administrators. End users can quickly and securely change forgotten or expired passwords across the enterprise. Help desk personnel are relieved of routine reset requests. Administrators can configure, monitor and maintain password policy automatically and consistently.

VigilEnt User Manager incorporates PentaSafe´s Agent technology based upon extensible mark-up language (XML) over secure socket layer (SSL), giving it a high degree of security. As part of a comprehensive security solution, VigilEnt User Manager enforces user authentication and strong corporate password policy, reduces the need for help desk personnel to have superuser privileges, and eliminates the need to share sensitive data over the phone.

“CIOs and CSOs alike are clamoring for solutions that improve overall employee productivity and efficiencies, without incurring additional costs,” stated PentaSafe CEO Douglas J. Erwin. “User administration and password management is just one of the many headaches our customers have. PentaSafe´s VigilEnt User Manager – Password Management delivers headache relief for our customers with the highest degree of security available in the industry.”

Platform Support and Systems Requirements

VigilEnt User Manager – Password Management supports multiple platforms and applications through PentaSafe´s current agent portfolio, including: Windows 2000/NT, AS/400, Unix (Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, HP-UX and Linux), Oracle, Sybase, NetWare, and Consul OS/390. A Universal Adapter is also available so that organizations can integrate those products or applications that are not currently supported by PentaSafe VigilEnt Agents.

Product prerequisites include VigilEnt Security Manager 3.0 and the corresponding PentaSafe VigilEnt Security Agents for enterprise-wide synchronization capabilities.


VigilEnt User Manager – Password Management will be available March 25, 2002. For more information, please visit

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